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The MTV Video Music Awards

No description

Lexie Whitney

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards:
A Red Carpet Affair

Our theme will make our guests feel like they are A-list celebrities attending a red carpet awards show.
We will give our guests two unique experiences, first in the Pre-Show of our VMA's that will host a glamorous "Hollywood" feel, then in dining with a very upbeat, and interactive, tone.
Although we see our event as elegant, we want it to be a party where our guests will have both fun, and memorable, experiences.
Theme Description
Event Management Staff
- Christina Joyner & Alexa Wright
- Meaghan Connel & Jennifer Heller
- Alex Eaddy & Ryan Boothe
Back of House
Pre-Show (Reception)
Awards Brunch (Dining)
After-party (Post-Reception)
Vision/Color Scheme
Hip yet chic atmosphere
continuation of black and silver from the pre-party
pops of neon pink, yellow, and blue
bring MTV theme to life
Rozay Rickey
Pre-Show Beverages
Nicki Minosa
Awards & Brunch
After Show
Guests will proceed down our 40 ft. red carpet to our VMA Logo Backdrop
Pose for pictures in front of Paparazzi
MC will interview guests after they get their picture taken
Guest will stand on a circular platform decorated similar to a red carpet Glam Cam
Used in many Red Carpet events
More action-based and funny pictures compared to Red Carpet paparazzi pictures
Glam Cam
Given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture
Ballot station set up where guests can vote on our five nominees
Nominees will be 5 celebrities (guests) at our event
Winner will be assigned prior to event and will be announced after the main course
Video Vanguard Award
The DJ will be playing Top hits from past VMAs
The MC will interview guests after they walk down the red carpet
The MC will announce the 3 minute countdown to the VMA's
DJ and MC
Pre-Show Layout
Red Carpet
Glam Cam
Video Vanguard Award
Hors D'oeuvres and Beverages
DJ and MC
Vision/Color scheme
Timeline Overview/Flow
Floor Plan
Table set up
Serving style/staff
Beverage station
Wall Decor
Twitter interaction
Floor Plan
Serving Style
Wall Decor
Stage with catwalk
3 performers in between courses
Twitter Contest/ Prize
-Bon Bon Jovis
-Mandy Smoores Cannoli's
-This Cookie is B-a-n-a-n-a-s
Pre-Show Food
- Jay Brie Featuring Mariah Cherry
- Notorious B.L.T. Bites
- Quinoa Aguilera
-Nelly Frittata
-Lady Gaga Apple Salad
-Bruce Spring Beans
-Wiz Kauhliflower
-Short Ribs
- Veg Option: Robert Egg Plant Phyllo
Dining Room Staff:
There will be 32 servers total.
They will be broken up into 8 teams of 4 people.
Each team will serve two tables.
Each server will have two guests to serve per table.
They will be responsible for serving all courses, clearing plates between courses, and refilling all beverage glasses during the dinner.
Key Contact Information
Front of House
Meaghan Connell

Back of House
Alex Eaddy
Ryan Boothe
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