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Copy of Welcome Back to School

No description

Yasin Abay

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back To School!
Mrs. Pratt
Mr. West
-1st year at Sparks Middle School
-Grew up in Ohio
-Favorite foods

SMS 1st Week of School
SMS Uniforms (pg.10)
-What is the uniform for SMS?

-How do I need to wear my uniform?

-How can I get a uniform?

-What are the consequences for violating the dress code?

C.O.R.E Expectations
(Mrs.Pratt & Mr.West)
*7 years @ SMS
*Saint Mary’s
*International Studies
*Pet Peeves
*Strengths & Weaknesses
School Paperwork
-Write Class Schedule (pg.1)

-Bell Schedule (pg.4)

-Bathroom Passes (pg.5-8)

Parent signatures

Do not separate

Due on Sept. 2, 2011

Lunch Forms

Weekly Schedule

SMS Weekly Schedule (pg.4)
Sparks Middle School
-Locker Times
-Locker Rules
-Locker Searches
-Locker Relay!!
Mrs. Pratt: (530)412-2656
Mr.West: (775)345-4804
Infinite Campus:
-3" school binder w/pockets
-6 dividers
-1 composition book (for this class only)
-Pens and pencils
-loose paper

*Supplies are DUE Friday, August 16th!
Supplies for AE1:
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