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Red Badge of Courage

No description

Kyle Hilliard

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Red Badge of Courage

Kyle Hilliard
Cody Lyman
Richie Konopko
Jordan Taylor
Quentin Kimbrough Red Badge of Courage XVIII XIX XX Henry and the men head back to their camp. He is happy about his performance. One soldier shows up and says he heard the general asking about who the brave flag bearer was. Supposedly he said that Henry and Wilson should become generals for their hard work and being fearless. XXI XXIII XXIV XVII In chapter XVII, Henry goes into battle and comes out a warrior. The enemy attacks but Henry have no thought of retreating and lets his rage and anger towards the enemy overcome him. Henry just unleashes the beast within him and goes on a rampage of just shooting and reloading and before he knew it the battle was over and the enemy retreated. Henry's lieutenant called out to him, "By heavens, if I had ten thousand wildcats like you i could tear th' stomach outa this war is less'n a week!" (Crane 72) We chose the song "Rise Under the Knife" for chapter XVII because it shows Henry's rage toward the enemy throughout the chapter. In Chapter XVIII, the Union troops were resting as the battle grew deeper and deeper into the harsh woods and all of a sudden the troops hear the yelp of one of their fellow troops that was wounded. The wounded troop was Jimmie Rogers and as he cried out in pain, Wilson and Henry came to his aid and while they went to fetch Jimmie some fresh water, they overheard the enemy general refer to Henry's and Wilson's regiment as "...a lot'a mule drivers." The battle is finally over and Henry starts to recall his previous experiences in battle. He thinks about his first cowardice move by running away from the battle and he also recalls the heroism that he had portrayed in the previous battles. But he could not get the idea of being a coward out of his head. But he finally was able to put the past behind him. The song "Hero of War" reminesses the ups and downs of war and what soldiers have to go through. We chose the song "Jukebox Hero" because in this chapter Henry is showing determination to get the flags. Henry believed their regiment was indestructable until the general said to the officer that most of Henry's regiment 304 will be killed. Henry and Wilson hear the news and think about what there next move will be but they decide to march with the regiment and they do not tell the other soldiers the pathetic news. The sergeant was responsible to carry the flag but he was shot down so Henry and Wilson grabbed the flag and continued on. The song "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor connects to chapter IXX because the charge came to a halt twice and the song encourages the listeners to continue the fight. It tells the listeners not to give up but exceed expectations and overcome your adversity. Henry saw the regiment slinking back toward him in a retreat formation. the men fall back in a safe distance from the hail of gunfire. While Henry grabs the flag the men go across the battlefield bullets are flying all over the place. Then groups of enemy soldiers surrounded them and Henry held up the flag like it was a victory and urged the men to fight on even though the just of the regiment is beginning to scatter. We chose the song "fearless" by Taylor swift for chapter XX because Henry was fearless and held up the flag even when enemies surrounded him. "Hard Workin Man" by Brooks and Dunn is a good comparison to this chapter because Henry and Wilson's hard work payed off because now they are getting recognition for it and they supposedly might now be generals. XXII In Chapter XXII Henry gets too high on himself with all of the praise that he has been recieving for his battle efforts. While another battle is going on, he doesn't even know that his own regiment is growing weaker and weaker as he is sitting on the sidelines. But he gathers himself together and decides not to retreat and not be a coward. We chose the song "Two Steps from Hell" because it showed the courage of Henry and Wilson on how they went to aid their wounded comrade. The song chosen for this chapter was "Epic" because it symbolizes the final struggle within Henry's self. He is split between the decision to run or stay and fight with his regiment. The two armies fight and clash for possession of the very important fence. Henry wants the confederate flag. He manages to get the Confederate flag as well as retain his own Union flag. The Union soldiers have captured some prisoners of war. Henry and the other men are surprised to see how the Confederates look and act just like them, like real people and everything.
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