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Oscar Romero investigation wall

No description

Mr Kemple

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Oscar Romero investigation wall

Oscar Romero Project
Romeros early career
Days after becoming a priest Romero had to return to his local community and bury protestors who had been murdered for speaking out against the government.
Romero's struggle
The poor of El Salvador loved Romero because he fought for their rights
Romero answered God's call and took his vocation very seriously
Despite his life being in constant danger Romero continued doing God's work
Who was Oscar Romero?
Oscar Romero's Death
Romero decided to speak out against the military who were killing his people.

At mass he spoke the words in purple above to try and encourage the soldiers to stop killing their own people.

A day later he was shot an killed whilst celebrating mass
Oscar Romero's Death
On 24th March 1980 after preaching his sermon at a small chapel near his home Romero moved to the centre of the altar and was shot by a man who stormed into the room.

His final words were:
Stop! Think...
If you were in Romero's shoes how would you have reacted?

Would you be willing to risk your life to help those who needed it the most?
The country was ruled by just a few wealthy and powerful families who used the army to suppress the rest of the population.

60% of the land was owned by the richest 2% of people.

The main crop was coffee and farmers would earn as little as 2p a day. And if the harvest failed there would be no support.

After Romero's death
Romero's funeral was attended by 250,000 people, a sign of his importance to the people of El Salvador.
The death of his friend didn't scare Romero into silence, instead it made him more determined to speak out about the problems in El Salvador.
He was born on August 15th, 1917 in El Salvador, South America.

He was one of 7 children and begun school at the age of 12

Unfortunately his parent couldn't afford to keep him in school so he soon had to leave.
At the age of 13 he left home to train to become a priest.

As a priest he saw his mission to protect those who were less fortuante in society. Romero fought for the rights of the poor and this made him very unpopular with the government.
Life in El Salvador
Romero tried for years to stay out of the fight against the government but soon after becoming the Archbishop of San Salvador his close friend was murdered for speaking out against the oppression of poor people.
Romero would use his sermons in mass to discuss the event happeing in the country and he would often read out the list of those who had been murdered or disappeared.

Thousands came to his sermons and they were even broadcast on the radio.

He was regarded as the spokesperson for truth and justice for the people of El Salvador.

Romeros call to action
Oscar Romero is a perfect example of a modern day disciple. He answered God's call to become a priest and throughout his life he
God's teaching of love and equality.
What did Romero say?
Romero told the people of El Salvador that a life of greed would destroy their souls and that violence could only be overcome by love.
It would have been easy for Romero to live a quiet life as a priest but instead he decided to struggle alongside those who he was fighting for.

Oscar Romero made no friends in the government and his life was often threatened.

He even contacted members of other governments to plead for their help such as the President of the United States, to whom he said,

"You say that you are Christian. If you are really Christian, please stop sending military aid to the military here, because they use it only to kill my people."
"There are many things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried”

"The church...believes that in each person is the Creator’s image and that everyone who tramples it offends God"

"I don’t want to be against anybody. I simply want to be the builder of a great love: the affirmation of God,who loves us and who wants to save us"

"In the name of God, in the name of this suffering people whose cry rises to heaven more loudly each day, I implore you, I beg you, I order you: stop the repression.” "
But even this turned to violence as the soldiers present opened fire and killed 40 people.

After his death this quote became a unifying phrase for the people of El Salvador

“Let my blood be a seed of freedom, and a sign that hope will soon be a reality.”

Your Task
Oscar romero is a perfect role model for those wishing to be a modern disciple of Jesus. For the people of El Salvador he was prepared to speak out for their rights even if it would cost him his life.

Design a leaflet about Oscar Romero. You should try to include his:
What life was like in El Salvador
Life was grim for the poor – hunger, poverty, lack of education were expected

Hundreds of people were murdered, tortured or disappeared every month some have still never been found

Owning a bible or even a picture of Oscar Romero could be enough to sentence you to death.

Life in El Salvador
"May God have mercy on the assassin"
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