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Ideas Space Project Update

July 2013

Janice Chan

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Ideas Space Project Update

What's next?
How are we doing?
Ideas Space: Project Update
"There's a way to do it better - find it."
Thomas Edison
Janice Chan. August 2013
Promote an organisational culture that proactively and continuously improve services and day to day operations
Engage library staff in decision making, and enable open and transparent communication
Uncover talents and recognise skills in staff at all levels
Combine skills and expertise across boundaries to accelerate innovation
Mar 2013
Apr 2013
Sep 2013
Aug 2013
Feb 2013
Dec 2012
Competitions and Single Sign-on
Ideas Space was officially launched on 18 March 2013.
Staff are encouraged to wear and decorate their "silly hats" on the day, there's a photo gallery in the library wiki. A launch video was uploaded to YouTube.
Ideas Space launch
1st idea completed
Let's evaluate the project, our strategies, and what we want to do next.
Progress report
Library purchased a University license in December 2012.
Pilot testing commenced at the same time.
The site was fine-tuned during the testing period.
Library purchased IdeaScale
Expected completion
The project team ran two competitions in the lead up to the official launch.
The winners of the logo design competition were Taysha Barrett and Lynne Harrison-Gee from LRD, who collaborated on the design and won a $100 Coles Group gift card.
Single sign-on configuration for Ideas Space was completed late February 2013.
The winner of the system naming competition was Karen Mann from LRD, she won 2 movie tickets. Winning name was "Ideas Space".
The first idea was completed on 20 April. It took only 26 days to implement an idea that could potentially reduce the staff workload of Document Delivery services by 18%!
In May 2013, the Library Management Committee supported the project team's recommendations in the staff engagement plan.
LMC also agreed to review ideas that have 10 votes and 2 comments.
We're here!
The project is expected to complete in September 2013.
Our targets
Run an idea competition every semester, each focus on a theme or a question to stimulate discussions and facilitate brainstorming. Example themes: "Digital Literacy", "Staff Training", "What can we do to keep the kitchen and fridge clean and tidy?". Prizes and recognition such as certificate can be used as incentives.
If an idea is going ahead, involve staff in decision making and implementation of the idea. Give staff the opportunity to run or participate in the implementation of their ideas will not only lighten the workload of the LMC, but also provide staff with more opportunity to grow and learn new skills.
A "soft launch" of Ideas Space for clients is our next milestone. Library survey is good but Ideas Space is a good tool to collect feedback, issues, and ideas as they happen.
Are we ready for it? Do library staff want it?
Reward staff member who demonstrates the spirit of Ideas Space. We can use the objectives of Ideas Space as guidelines, winner of this award doesn't necessarily have the best idea, but they participate and contribute to the community constructively and made a difference that way.
1/2 yearly themed idea competition
Get Involved!
Ideas Space for Clients
Spirit of Ideas Space award
Design Thinking
Design thinking is not just about workshops, Ideas Space fits into the design thinking process very well because it enables transparent communications, it can be used to record and further develop ideas from these workshops or other channels. It's up to us to use it and get the most out of it.
Workshops and Idea Contests
Record, discuss, and develop ideas
Exploration, Analysis
Ideas turned into projects
Analysis / Iteration
Projects completed and implemented
Review ideas, continuous improvement
Design Thinking
Capture ideas and encourage participation from all library staff
At least 80% of library staff have accessed Ideas Space
At least 50% of Ideas Space members have contributed in some way - submitted an idea, voted, or commented
Library staff have adopted Ideas Space as one of the main channels to give feedback and submit ideas
capture at least one idea per month
Increase collaboration opportunities between LLE and LRD staff
Organise at least one event that involve staff member from LLE and LRD, e.g. workshop, forum, project to improve workflow/day-to-day operation
At least 80% of library staff have accessed Ideas Space
At least 50% of Ideas Space members have contributed in some way
Of all library staff (77), 62 are Ideas Space members. In other words 86% of library staff are Ideas Space members.
Ideas submitted
Comment votes
Figures to date (10 Aug 2013)
capture at least one idea per month
Ideas Space received at least 1 idea per month since its official launch in March 2013.
Number of members who submitted at least 1 idea
25 (40%)
Number of members who have commented
38 (61%)
Number of members who have voted
51 (82%)
Number of members who have voted on comments
21 (34%)
Number of members who have either submitted an idea, commented, voted, or voted on comments
55 (89%)
Organise at least one event that involve staff member from LLE and LRD
Ideas from the Design Thinking workshop (as part of the ALIA Info Online report back session held in April 2013) were submitted and further discussed on Ideas Space. One of these ideas become the first idea completed in Ideas Space!
Now that we've started, here's a few ideas to keep it growing...
How are we doing?
What's next?

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