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Chalystha Lee

on 29 July 2013

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Determination of Sugar Content in Carbonated Drinks
Sugar - A number of carbohydrates
Carbonated drink - Water, sweetener, flavouring agent
Preserve flavour, enhance taste & appearance.
Excessive consumption Negative effects:
Diabetes mellitus
To determine the sugar content in various types of carbonated drinks by the density method.
To create awareness among Malaysians about the levels of sugar in carbonated drinks and the negative effects of overconsumption of sugar.
Preparing the standard solution
Testing the sugar solution
Testing the carbonated drinks
Graphing the results
A standard graph was plotted:
x-axis : mass of sugar in 500cm of solution
y-axis : hydrometer reading
The mass of sugar for various brands was determined.
Findings / Conclusion
In a can of carbonated drink,
Brand A - 7.1g of sugar Brand B - 29.8g of sugar
Brand C - 36.9g of sugar Brand D - 22.7g of sugar
Brand E - 0 g of sugar Brand F - 36.9g of sugar
Further studies concentration of CO , preservatives, colourings
Analogue hydrometer, refractometer
Pn. Tiong Ming Ee
SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ
Our parents
Highest sugar content: Brand C & Brand F (36.9g) [recommended daily sugar intake is 50g!]
Lowest sugar content: Brand E (0g)
Determination of Sugar Content
in Carbonated Drinks

Prepared by:
Juelle Ong Shu Wen
Lingesh A/L Ponvannan
Cheong Tzen Ren
Chalystha Lee Yie Qin

Thank you for your attention & cooperation! (:
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