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Advocacy In Nursing

No description

Patty Averre

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Advocacy In Nursing

NUR 212
Shared Governance
A dynamic staff-leader partnership that promotes collaboration, shared decision making and accountability for improving quality of care, safety, and enhancing work life.

VUMC Shared Governance Task Force, 2004
A proactive, energetic, constructive and comprehensive approach to optimal nursing practice.

(NCNA, 2011)
Workforce Advocacy
Workforce Advocacy
Workforce advocacy encompasses:
1. Nurses in all workplaces
2. Factors that contribute to work satisfaction
3. Factors impacting practice (social, technological, economic, environmental and political)
4. Collaboration with various associations and boards to ensure tools, resources and education to support lifelong learning and competence (NCNA, 2011)
Workforce Advocacy Ecosystem Model
Types of Advocacy

Role of the nurse as an advocate has evolved to an expectation
Nurses insure that patient rights are not violated.
Steps to Advocacy
Putting advocacy into action:

Steps to Advocacy
Knowledge of Health Care System:

Variables influencing the system
Steps to Advocacy

Personal goals
Limitations and abilities
Personal values
Intervening to provide the highest quality health care
Workplace Advocacy
Work related issues are addressed locally within individual working environments
Patient Advocacy
Speak up for patients
Ensure patient wishes are
honored and respected
Utilize evidence-based
Steps to Advocacy
Knowledge of Treatment and Intervention Options:

Development of clinical knowledge base
Awareness of evidence based best practices
Ms. Averre
Advocacy is "nursing's power, influence, and voice for the profession".
NCNA, 2010
Institutional constraints
Lateral violence
Barriers to Advocacy
International Council of Nurses
American Nurses Association
Center for American Nurses
North Carolina Nurses Association
National Nurses Union

Workforce Advocacy
Magnet Hospitals:
Attraction and Retention
of Professional Nurses
The ANA's development of Magnet Recognition Programs has evolved to become the most prestigious credential for nursing excellence.
Mandatory Overtime
"As long employers are allowed to mandate overtime, their sense of urgency to find a safer staffing method will remain less."
1. Collaboration and Negotiation
2. Collective Bargaining

NCNA Recommendations for Workplace Advocacy
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