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AP Language Great Gatsby Color Presentation

2012 Project

Jennifer Owens

on 30 May 2012

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Transcript of AP Language Great Gatsby Color Presentation

The Great Gatsby Project By: Nooreen Khalid and Jennifer Owens M tif an idea, subject, or image that is regularly repeated
and developed in a book, film, work of art etc. Color Motifs Red: Passion, danger,
fire, love, blood, life principle,
and emotion. Orange: balance,
happiness, divine love,
and extreme lust. Yellow: Optimism,
Enlightenment, Happiness,
and Energy. Green: Natural, Tranquil,
Ecological, and
inviting. Blue: Calm, Serene, Spiritual, and
Exhilarating. Purple: Majestic, Royal, Rich,
Expressive, and youthful. "Her heart beat faster and faster as Daisy's white face came up to his own" (Fitzgerald 110). White: Purity,
Perfection, Innocence "An hour later, the front door opened nervously and Gatsby, in a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold-colored tie, hurried in" (Fitzgerald 84). Gatsby wears a, "white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold colored tie" (Fitzgerald 84), to illustrate his story as a man in society. His white foundation shows his humble upbringing and somewhat typical lowerclass life, and his gold and silver show what he himself has added. These are on the outside because these riches and boisterous facts of his life are what he shows off the most. Notice the swirling blues, cool tones, hints of yellow, etc. Notice the black and white color deliberately drawn What if you were asked to wear a green wedding dress? Why so serious in color? By giving Daisy a white-faced description, Fitzgerald paints Daisy as perfection in Gatsby's mind. By using white, the color of purity, youth, cleanliness, and perfection, Fitzgerald gives Daisy these traits- particularly in the mind of Gatsby. Her white face gives her a young, irresistible, angelic figure that Gatsby finds hard to get away from. You try! "...two young men, not breathing, only gliding along the floor, in the inky blackness of the room..." (Orczy 74).

The Scarlet Pimpernel What does the color black add to the tone of the scene? A White Rose

THE red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips

John Boyle O'Reilly One more? What contrasting characteristics do the red and white of the flowers portray? Color Motifs
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