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No description

Daniel Reverri

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Riak

Finding Riak
Getting to know Riak Webmachine Building RESTful Services Erlang/OTP
Rebar Vnodes Pluggable Backends
Bitcask (just released)
Sinatra Nothing special
Just another node Cluster Erlang
Javascript no master node
no single point of failure Add node
+1 capacity
+1 computation 160-bit integer space divided into equally sized partitions

evenly distributed across entire cluster each partition is claimed by a vnode

several vnodes run per node REST Phases
Runs near the data Documents may have multiple values
Merged by vector clocks
Two options for conflicts
Last write wins (allow_mult per bucket)
Bubble up to application N = Number of replicas (per bucket)
R = Number of replicas needed for read (per request)
W = Number of replicas needed for write (per request)
DW = Number of replicas needed for durable write (per request) WTF
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