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Drawing Boot Camp

No description

Andrea Slusarski

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Drawing Boot Camp

WELCOME to DRAWING MISSION: This week, we will be training in many basic drawing techniques and skills. It will be your task to try your best and never give up. YOU WILL IMPROVE! LINE the path of a moving point BASIC
TRAINING: CONTOUR Line the line that defines the OUTLINE of an object DRILLS: These type of drawing "drills" we will be completing to help strengthen your drawing technique! BLIND Contour Drawing A style of drawing, where you create the contour of an object without looking at your paper or pick up your pencil. You need to ALWAYS be looking at your object! Draw what you SEE NOT what you think you see. . . VALUE Drawing A more in depth study of an object. Includes drawing the contour and adding value. what it takes to get better at drawing. 1. Practice & Patience 2. Sit up straight! 3. Hold your pencil correctly. 4. Draw LIGHTLY!!
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