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How to use Blackboard at USI

A quick quide to using the basics of Blackboard for your courses

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Transcript of How to use Blackboard at USI

How to use Blackboard at USI
At USI, our online courses use a program called Blackboard to deliver course materials to the students.

To access Blackboard open your favorite internet browser and go to https://my.usi.edu/

Click "Sign In" on the upper right hand corner of the next screen.

Type in your myUSI username and password and then click LOGIN.
IMPORTANT: if you do not know your username and password, contact the Computer Center at 812-465-1080 and advise them that you need to know your Username and Password to log into your USI accounts.
A Prezi Presentation created by the CNHP Advising Center
How to Check your Grades
Clicking on "View Grades" under the Tools Menu
Will allow you to easily view your grades for your courses.

Selecting a course will take you to a table that includes each assignment, your points, and points possible. Your instructor may also include a description of the assignments under details.
Clicking on "Send Email" under the Tools Menu will show a list of your courses. Select the course in which you wish to email the instructor.

To send an email to your instructor, click on ALL INSTRUCTOR USERS.
How to Email your Instructor
How to Email your Classmates
To send an email to your classmates, click on All STUDENT USERS.
To send an email to select users or groups choose the appropriate option.
How to Find Course Materials
You can view course materials by clicking on one of your courses listed on the right side of the Blackboard home page.
Navigate course materials by selecting one of the options on the left: Announcements, Syllabus & Schedule, Course Documents, Ask A Question/ Discussion Board, View Grades, etc.
Course materials vary with each course and instructor.
Instructors usually post word documents and PowerPoint presentations under "Course Documents"
And describe homework assignments under "Assignments."
Some instructors require use of the Discussion Board for assignment completion or to ask questions.
To add a thread to the discussion board, first click Discussion Board
Click on the title of the course discussion you would like to post to, and then click +Thread.
Add a Thread on Discussion Board
If you can’t find something on Blackboard, contact your instructor for that course.

Instructors usually list their email addresses, phone numbers, and office hours on Blackboard under Faculty Information or on the syllabus.

The Blackboard home page:
Tools are on the left
New Announcements from instructors are in the center
Courses you are enrolled in are on the right
Once logged in, click the BlackBoard icon on the left side of your screen.
As always, please feel free to contact us at the Advising Center!

Thank you!
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