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coporate social responsibility

No description

Katrin Wiegand

on 9 December 2011

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Transcript of coporate social responsibility

Reduce Energy & Green Engergy BEN & JERRY‘S “If it’s melted, it’s ruined. “
Caring dairy
- Main ingredient is milk
- 300 g methan / cow / day
-> try everything to reduce methan

Dutch factories use 100 % renewable energy
Bio-gras digester
To obtain energy out of waste Corporate social responsibility Katrin Wiegand, Tom Winkel & Marit van Lente
H & M Use of lights

Solar panels
SAAB BEN & JERRY‘S A lot of freezers
Produce a huge amount of GHG
Project to develop environmental friendlier freezers

Transportation pollution
Produce where demand is
Buy ingredients near from the manufacturing place
Have already saved 46 % of driven kilometres

To obtain energy out of waste H & M SAAB Reduce impact on Environment& GHG Flight tickets
They offset it with a climate ticket
Investment in renewable energy projects

90 % renewable paper stock
Water based ink

Ben & Jerry‘s foundation
1.1 million contribution

Recycling BEN & JERRY‘S Use 100 % renewable energy
Recycle everything what is possible
Napkins are unbleached
Drinking cups are from 100 % corn starch
26 % increase in cardboard and plastic recycling
H & M Consumer carrier bags


Store construction

Clothes and accessories

Fairtrade BEN & JERRY‘S Partnership with Fairtrade Foundation
Cacao, coffee, vanilla and sugar
More expensive, but
Farmers get fair payment

Nobody likes to buy something that was made by someone who was exploited.”

SAAB - Special light bulbs (12% reduction of energy consumption)

- Make energy consumption in factory visible

- Special innovative paint shop

- use of energy can be reduced with a potential 25 percent.
Saab BioHybrid Carbon Disclosure Project

Bio Power engines
Integrated Product Responsibility

Cradle-to-Cradle concept
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