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Week One: Discipleship and Church Growth

No description

Gene Maynard

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Week One: Discipleship and Church Growth

Discipleship and Church Growth
Three Goals
The Problem Is Bigger than We Think
Define the Discipleship Problem in
Today's Church in ONE Sentence
Define the Church Growth
Problem in ONE Sentence
Why is there little discipleship in today's church?
Why is the church losing ground in today's culture?
The Keeper of the Stream
A Terrifying Possibility
Does It Really Matter?
5 Reasons Why It Is Neglected
What Do You REALLY Want?
Turn in Reading/Media Report
Introduce Course Content, Learning Community and Assignments
First exploration of discipleship
Set up first lab
Gene Maynard
MBS, MCM, MDIV, and DMIN Director at Epic Bible College and Graduate School
DMin, Theology/Spiritual Formation, Princeton Theological Seminary
Pastor: 7th largest church in Canada, urban church in Washington, DC, turnaround church in Auburn, CA
Married (39 years), 3 children,
4 grandchildren, 1 Cairn Terrier
Engaging Texbook/Medi
Weekly Reports starting week 2
Reports found end of syllabus
5 Discipleship and Mission Labs
Written Report:
4 questions in syllabus
paragraph for each question
Rule of Life
and Mission
4-6 pages length
Due February 20
Lab #1:
The Game of Minutes
do the "game" 2 times this week

write report and turn in next Tuesday
When the stream is as it should be, we are constantly refreshed and exuberant in all we do.
You can be a dynamic, gifted speaker in high demand

You can be sought as a pastor and/or board member

You can be regarded as very spiritual

You can be leader of 100s of people in ministry
You are unloving spouse and parent at home

You are unteachable, defensive, insecure, angry

You are constantly critical, judgmental and unkind

You are compensating for sense of inadequacy

You are sabotaging and undermining others
A Terrifying Possibility
"A drop of megalomania, a touch of self-promotion and a deep fear...We might have gotten carried away with ourselves." Bono
It matters to the spiritually hungry who have left church because they did not find anything transformative in Christian spirituality
It matters to people close to you
It matters if you want credibility
What Is It?
"Game of Minutes" Experiment and Report
Read Scazzero (chapters 1-2), Creps (chapter 1)
Gene Maynard
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