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my dream destination

Manny Reyna

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of dream-destination-Manny

Presented by Manny Reyna
Project 1 vacation GERMANY Climate of Germany What to pack for Germany KRAMPUSLAUF How we will get to Germany Pictures of popular sites in Germany Food and dining in Germany Hotels in Germany we should pack pants, long sleeve shirts, a hat, sneakers, sun glasses, a cell phone, a camera, a German to English dictionary, a taser, at least two books, a computer, an ipod, and a backpack. The Krampuslauf is one of the most entertaining events in southern Germany and it is a parade where a bunch of choosen people dress up as the holiday icon known as Krampus. We will fly first to Maryland and then across the ocean to Germany. Germans love meat and potatoes and they put it in almost all of their dishes, they don't have a lot of famous dishes but they do have Burger King and McDonalds. I have chosen two highly rated hotels in Germany, the circus hotel and the hotel pension Columbus. the climate of Germany is relatively low in the winter months and fairly high in the summer months and during the spring and fall months its basically in between. The Brandenburg gate WWII Capitol building OKTOBERFEST a picture of berlin at night A FANCY BRIDGE A FAMOUS CASTLE another pic of Berlin
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