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Natural Resources

No description

esha maheshwari

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Natural Resources

Natural Resources By: Esha What is the Ministry of Natural Resources? Some Acts are... The Ministry of Natural Resources is a ministry that is responsible to promote healthy ecosystems and conserve the variety of life in Canada. The Minister of Natural Resources is
Michael Gravelle. Quick Facts It was created in 1995 by combining the Departments of Energy, Mine, Resources and Forestry. Some of it's works include implementing new acts and contributing to Go Green Ontario. It can also be called NR Can. This stand for Natural Resources Canada. He has been Minister since October, 2011. Arctic Water Pollution Prevention Act: To prevent pollution in areas of water. The Minister of Natural Resources is appointed the job by the Governor General, and can be on the job till whenever her Majesty wishes for him or her to be on the job. Forestry Act: To respect the forests of Canada. How they do it... To make this ministry work, the people who work in it have to do a number of things like... Working collaboratively with a number of partners They use the best possible resources to develop policies Ontario has a total of 334 provincial parks. The Ministry will continue to provide youth employment strategies Thank You for listening to my presentation!!! Also, they organize their department into different areas. The Ministry is located all over Canada. As you may know, natural resources is something that can be found all over Canada. The MR Can actually has a whole fact sheet about how to stay safe from wild animals like bears or coyotes.
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