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IA Data Workshop - Data and InstantAtlas (PJ)

Press "Save a copy" rename it and then edit to your hearts content...just in the hexagons mind

David Carey

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of IA Data Workshop - Data and InstantAtlas (PJ)

Data & InstantAtlas InstantAtlas Presents: Online Publishing Service 2004 2005 Bespoke SVG reports Desktop tools for authoring reports Access Data Manager Batch Publisher Statistics Quantitative Discrete Continuous Qualitative Multivariate Dimensions Rates Counts ConfidenceLimits Aggregated Scores Means Time Series Map
Data Vector Raster Points Areas Base Non
Spatial Lines Context Back-
ground XML format 2006 2007 Support for WMS Flash templates New Performance template Server solution Attribute data from SHP/TAB 2008 2009 Double Map Time Series & Radar Chart templates Adobe Flex & ASP.NET Bubble Plot template Server Publisher for
ArcGIS Server Google Maps & ArcGIS Online support 2010 2011 Bulk loading for IA Server improved GeoRSS contextual layers Double Base Layer template Data Trasfer Tools (NeSS) HTML5 templates 2012 IA Server dimensions & data ownership IA Server open/linked data Sourcing Populating Presenting Internal departments
Partner bodies
OCSI, CACI, Experian
Blogs, forums
IA Server systems Licence
Metadata Data Organisation
Metadata Model
Template Choice
Report Design
Accessibilty Managing Aggregation
Calculated Indicators
User Management
Data Ownership
Publishing to CKAN Desktop InstantAtlas is a set tools for designing, populating and publishing Dynamic Reports Server InstantAtlas Server is a set of 'off-the-shelf' software modules for building robust Data Observatories and Local Information Systems. It extends the capabilities of InstantAtlas stand-alone dynamic and profile reports enabling 'live' data delivery from Microsoft and Oracle databases. It provides a rich set of web-based administration tools allowing content to be managed by a central team or federated to multiple teams across an organisation and its partners.
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