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04.06 The Periodic Table of Elements

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A. A.

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of 04.06 The Periodic Table of Elements

04.06 - The Periodic Table of Elements The name of my element is "gold".
The origin of its name is from
Latin. The Latin word for
gold is "aurum". Name of Element Gold is commonly found in mineral deposits inside the Earth, sometimes mixed with other minerals. They
are also found near rivers. Five Compounds the Element Can Form Oxidation - this compound is naturally occurring.
Chloride - this compound could be made by humans or occur naturally.
Metallic Gold - this compound is naturally occurring.
Mecaptide - this compound is made by humans.
Trichloride - this compound is made by humans. How was Gold Discovered? Gold was discovered in the United States, and the year was 1848. In California, a man named James W. Marshall was observing construction of a sawmill on the American River when he unexpectedly found the gold in the shape of tiny, yellow nuggets. When people found out that the nuggets were valuable, the gold rush began! An Interesting Fact About Gold Gold is edible! However, consumption of a large amount can lead to metal poisoning.

In Asian countries, edible gold is sometimes used in fruit jelly snacks. Chemical Symbol: Au
Average Atomic Mass: 196.96
Atomic Number: 79
Number of Valence Electrons in a neutral atom: 2 Gold can be considered a metal. The elements that
share this property are silver, zinc, calcium, and many others. Gold is commonly used for jewelry due to its value.
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