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Emily Dickinson

No description

Jessica Hastie

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson Born - December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts Died - May 15, 1886 in Amherst Massachusetts Siblings - William Dickinson and Lavinia (Vinnie) Dickinson Parents - Emily and Edward Dickinson * One of America's greatest poets. * Known for her unusual life of self appointment social retirement. *She wrote poetry of high capability; questioning immortality and death sometimes with a repeated word or phrase. * Remembered for her unique poetry (short with compact phrases) If I Can Stop Behind me dips Eternity Hope is the Thing with Feathers By: Jessica&Randi * Emily's house was known as "The Homestead" or "Mansion" and was used as a meeting place for special visitors like Ralph Waldo Emerson. Bright Conscientious student Independently minded Willing to refuse the prevailing orthodoxy's on certain issues * She was able to create many original writings of rhyming stories.

* Her father was very strict ,wanting to bring up his children in the proper way.

* Her ancestors go back to the early groups of Protestants.

* Emily often felt left out from already made religions which is reflected in some of her poetry.

*In her collage years she enjoyed singing while making references between similar poetry and singing. Keen artist Accomplished musician Intelligent sense of humor quick witted * Benjamin Newton was the first person to recognize Emily' ability in poetry and encouraged her to write poems.

* Newton helped to push Emily out and beyond the strict Calvinism.

* Emily was very unconcerned with politics, unlike her family's strong political tradition.

*The Civil War years were her most productive years writing a large quantity of poems.

* Emily died from Brights's disease which is caused by kidney degeneration. Sports in the sun
are alot of fun
Running and playing,
is what everyone is saying.
Lazying and hanging
are how people are staying
Until the day is over
and were laying in the clovers

- Jessica Hastie Life is a world of unknowingness
You don't know what the future holds
Find the strength within each other
Learn to do what you are told
You face many challenges
As your life unfolds
You learn to push through
And be as strong as gold SPORTS Life -Jessica&Randi look at the life of others
care to lend a hand
see the single mothers
things did not go as planned
we all got our struggles
were hanging on by a strand
there is always a helping hand Helping Hands By Randi Perriam By: Jessica&Randi
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