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Who is eligible to participate in TRiO-SSS services?

No description

Jackie Jones-Nickens

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Who is eligible to participate in TRiO-SSS services?

How do I apply for TRiO-SSS?

You can get an application for TRiO-SSS in the Student Success Center on the second floor of the Jack Hunt Campus Center or you can get the application by clicking here.
An interview will be required before you can be accepted. Once you are accepted, there is no cost to participate, but you will be required to be active in our programs, such as tutoring and advising. Our services and requirements are designed to ensure your success here at CCC and beyond. We’re committed to making your college experience rewarding!
Who is eligible to participate in TRiO-SSS services?

You are eligible for TRiO-Student Support Services if you are a first-generation college student, if you have financial need, or if you have a documented disability. First-generation college students are students who do not have a parent who received a four-year college degree. Financial need means that your income or your family’s income falls below the income figure determined by the federal government, based on family size. A documented disability is a physical, learning, or psychological disability which has been verified by a licensed medical doctor.
Intensive academic advising to assist students with staying on track and achieving their educational goals
social/cultural events
college tours to assist students with transferring to a 4-yr college
Selection process
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