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Technology and How it Affects Generations

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Taylor Knight

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Technology and How it Affects Generations

How Technology Affects the Society

Taylor Knight, Tori Longo, Tania Salazar, Morgan Ruiz, Karla Tavira, Karen Trejo
Technology has brought change in communication, education, and has made our lives easier.
U.S mobile phone and smartphone penetration, by generation, May 2012

Have a mobile phone/have a smartphone
Gen Z (18-23): 95% / 64%
Gen Y Millennial's (24-32): 97% / 72%
Gen X (33-46): 95% / 61%
Younger boomers (47-56): 92% / 39%
Older boomers (57-67): 89% / 28%
Golden generation (68-88): 85% / 16%
TOTAL: 93% / 50%
6 out of 10 parents bought their early teenagers cell phones
8-18 year olds spend at least seven and half hours on their phones compared to less than six and half hours 5 years ago (Schulten, 2010)
4 Negative Side Effects of Technology
Elevated Exasperation
Deteriorated Patience
Declining Writing Skills
btw: by the way
idk: I don't know
nvm: never mind
Lack of Physical Interactivity
3 Positive Side Effects of Technology
Emotional Relief
The younger generation
would rather communicate
through computers or cellphones
than actually working towards
making friends. the old
fashion way.
A high percentage of people sit at their computer far too long and some people lose reality as far as social activities and learning social skills.
Work Cited
MSN Money Partner. (2013, February 5). Kids getting phones at ever earlier ages.
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Every Day? Retrieved from The Learning Network:

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Technology affects everything from communication to entertainment and medicine to convenience
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