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Climate Change

Climate change is happening all around us all the time. These are some important facts you should know about it. Climate change is caused by pollutants and the weather changing.

Anna Moore

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate Change

Greenhouse effect-The phenomenon where by the Earth's
atmosphere traps solar radiation, caused by the presense in
the atmosphere of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor,
and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but
absorb heat radiated back from the Earth's surface. Climate Change! climate change-a change in the statistical properties of the climate syatem. Causes of climate change-
temperature changes, polution, precipitation, humidity, cloudiness, and wind. Climate change has a very negative
effect on the Earth's inhabitants. Evidence-
average global temperature raised 1 degree over the last centurie
polar icecaps are melting
more people are developing skin cancer than usual Our opinion- we agree that there is climate change,
also that people are causing it and can help change it
for future generations. All we have to do is little things.
They all add up to make a greater planet. By : Anna Moore & Colby Shaffer! =]
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