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Essentials in Guided Reading

No description

Jennifer Sajovec

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Essentials in Guided Reading

Essentials in
Guided Reading

Why "Guided Reading?"
Provide the basis for students to successfully and independently read the new book; encourage oral language development; give support while leaving appropriate problem solving work for children to do.
What it is &
What it is Not!
No Round Robin!?!
Students have a high accuracy rate in reading when the proper text is selected.
Students are provided with the necessary strategies to overcome "reading road blocks."
The focus of reading shifts to meaning rather than decoding; the construction of meaning is imperative.
It is the bridge between whole group and independent word, between awareness and self-monitoring.
What are the goals of guided reading?
Independent reading and the application of independent reading strategies is the goal of Guided Reading!

Forming Your Groups....
Benchmark Assessment
(aka-Running Record)
See your higher groups less frequently.
Takes place during literacy centers.
Students MUST practiced the texts again and again.
Planning a Lesson...
Walking Through a Lesson...
Guided Reading Lessons
Guided Reading Sequence
1. Warm-Up
2. Three P's of Text Introduction
3. Picture Walk & Vocabulary
4. Independent Reading
5. Practice for Fluency
6. Comprehension
7. Writing
Just the right scaffolding...
Coaching students through strategy use....
Ultimate Goal.....
...to help children learn how to use independent reading strategies successfully. (Fountas and Pinnell, 1996)
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