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Bollywood India Presentation

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Lauren Suarez

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Bollywood India Presentation

Lauren, Carly, Keshar, Ian, Donald, Ben
History of Bollywood
- 1913 first silent film was made in Mumbai India
- The name Bollywood was inspired by Hollywood , since films were made in Bombay(Mumbai) they replaced the 'H' with a 'B'
- Around the 1930-40’s... India was fighting for their Independence from the British
- Great depression, Independence movement, and a violent patrician changed the course of films.
- Slowly started to changed from just musicals to films about society and social issues.
1940's through the 1960's
- Considered the Golden Age of films in India
- The most critically accalaimed Hindi films were produced at this time
- Shree 420 (1955)
- Pyaasa (1957)
- Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959)
- Asif's Mughal-e-Azam (1960)
Modern Day Bollywood Films
- Usually most Indian Films are Melodramatic...
-Meaning they usually exaggerate plots...
- Movies start becoming more westernized
- More Romantic movies
- The parallel movement, A specific movement in Indian cinema.
- Known for the serious content: realism or naturalism, and topics on the social-political movement
Start at 1:22
Song and Dance
- One of the most notible things about Bollywood movies is the singing and dancing.
- The songs in Bollywood movies are usually pre-recorded
- The actors will lip synch the words to the song while recording the scene
- Most songs almost always have backup dancers
- older movies primarily had classical/folk dancing
- In modern movies a blend of western pop and classical dancing
- Yet, there are exceptions. Some actors in Bollywood can't dance... and that's totally okay!
Song and Dance
- Around 2000s Bollywood began influencing musical films in the West.
- Moulin Rouge was directly inspired by Bollywood musicals
- A.R. Rahman, Indian film composer wrote music for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Composed Jai Ho, Slum Dog Millionaire
- Bollywood movies are one of the largest influences on Indian fasion.
- Within these films you can find eclectic pieces or very traditional clothing.
- Bollywood Cinema is known for their extravagant articles of clothing.
- Sparkly sarees
- Very glamorous
- Bright colors
Sets and Decoration
- Beautiful and elaborate floor sets
- A lot of elaborate decorations
- Brightly colored
- Historical locations are often used
- Many scenes are shot outside of India.
- Mostly in Europe and the United States.
All together is looks like this!
•Sound is seldom recorded on location
•Dialogue and sound effects recorded in the studio
–Dialogue often does not match the mouth movements on film
–Different emotions
•This trend is beginning to change
–in 2001, Lagaan became the first movie in 30 years to synchronize the sound
–Several other films have as well in the years that followed
Film Production
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