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Washington Monument Presentation for DC

No description

Amelia Haines

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Washington Monument Presentation for DC

The Washington Monument By: Amelia Haines Honors George Washington, our first president
Robert Mills, designer
Construction begin on July 4, 1848, completed on Dec. 6, 1884.
Cost $1,187,710 There are 50 flags surrounding the Washington Monument.
Each flag represents a state of the United States.
In 1960, the last flag representing Hawaii was installed. 150ft is the height where the color of the stone changes.
1856 construction halts for 7 years because they ran out of money. The outside of the monument was cleaned.
masonry was repaired
the joints were pointed
lightning-protection system was upgraded
The interior of the monument was also improved.
new heating and cooling system installed
elevator repair
visitor's centers were upgraded
commemorative stones were cleaned and cataloged
final commemorative stone was placed The Commemorative Stones The National Mall Layout The Washington Monument is the centrally located on the National Mall. The Capstone 2000 Restoration 150 Feet The Flags Washington National Monument Society offered commemorative stones for cash donations.
193 stones placed in the interior, one from each state
Each stone was designed to represent where its from.
Not all of the commemorative stones were added The tip of the capstone is made of aluminum.
The height of the aluminum apex from its base is 8.9 inches.
It protects the monument from lightning strikes.
A replica of the aluminum apex in the visitor center.
The aluminum apex is inscribed with, Laus Deo (a latin phase meaning "Praise be to God.¨ Background Information In 1878 Lt. Col. Thomas Lincoln Casey had taken over construction and revised the plan to what stands today.
Because they original design cost too much
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