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Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering

No description

kayla johnson

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering

Introduction to Case 4
Dairy Engineering (NZ) Ltd. is a manufacturing company for the dairy industry headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand. The company was focused in the domestic market but recently expanded to exports. It employs 450 people and has additional locations in South Auckland and Christchurch. Fran Hayden has recently accepted a position here in their Cost Account Department.
What are Fran's Emotions and Attitudes?
Fran had several different emotions and attitudes that varied throughout her time at Dairy Engineering.
Fran's Psychological Contract
Expectations vs. Reality
So Much Pressure
What Should Fran Do?
In our opinion Fran since Fran has been terminated from Diary Engineering, it is time for her to begin looking for another job. In her next position she should take her experiences with her and use better communication skills at her next place of employment to ensure the job that she accepts is the job that she actually be completing.
Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering
Which Coping Skills Could Be Implemented?
Are these Skills Teachable?
Attitudes and Emotions of Others
Had Reservations
What Was She Feeling?
Fran displayed what is called
affective commitment
, which is associated with "overall job attitude"
By having affective commitment Fran displayed her:
Emotional attachment to
Identification with
Involvement with a particular organization (Dairy Engineering)
Rob Poor (Chief Accountant)-
Kind, Genuine, and Unassuming
Vernon Moore (Chief Cost Accountant)-
Likeable and Easygoing
Peter Brunton (Management Accountant and Fran's Boss)-
Rude, Moody, and Disliked by others

Who is Fran?
Fran's Perception and Expectations
Fran's Reality
Class Response
Working the Cost Accounting Department
Completing large projects
Taking on large amounts of responsibility
Having a contributing voice on major projects
Gaining knowledge and experience in the work place
Being involved in workshops and trainings
Placed in the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department
Task included:
Photocopying documents
Compiling a management report
Binding and stapling
Not much of an assistance on major projects
No real experience gained
Scolded for attending workshop
Ultimately terminated from Dairy Engineering
Fran Hayden is a student in her final year at the University of Waikato who found interest in the company Dairy Engineering . Two weeks after submitting her curriculum to Dairy Engineering she was invited to interview with the Chief Accountant. Following this interview two weeks later she was offered the position of Assistant Cost Accountant. After thinking it over, but still not being completely sure Fran accepted the position at Dairy Engineering.
Problem Statement
The communication skills that may have helped Fran's situation can definitely taught in business schools. Courses such as Business Communications here at Hampton University teach students how to employ beneficial communications skills in the workplace and how to avoid certain situations.
The coping skill that Fran could have implemented in her situation is:
Proper communication skills

If you were Fran, what would you do in this position?
Fran was invited to attend a workshop by the Chief Accountant Rob, who was not her boss. Eager to leave the office and gain the experience she had not received in the MIS department so far, Fran agreed. Her boss Peter was out of the office and became furious after learning Fran attended the workshop without his knowledge when he returned. After seeking advice Fran was left with the choice to transfer to a different department or to resign. After requesting a transfer Fran was terminated after only 5 months of employment.
The main participants that felt some type of pressure in this case were:

Presented By:
Heather Herring
Aalyah Humphrey
Kayla Johnson
Iman Jones
What Does The Text Say?
Fran's situation relates to Chapter 4 and and Job Satisfaction
The EVLN Model identifies four ways that employees respond to job dissatisfaction.
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