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The Universe speaks Tawheed

No description

sajid raza

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of The Universe speaks Tawheed

Learning Objectives
Study the Oneness of Allah
Understand that the creation has many signs that show it was created by the same true creator

Tafakkur - questioning ,reflecting,wondering
Tawakul - total trust and reliance upon allah

will be able to apply and demonstrate the oneness of Allah.
will understand that the universe justifies and bears witness in every way to the grand fact that their is only one great God and it is one of his creations.
learning outcome
Everything in this world is made in most perfect form ,balance and harmony.
Harmony means that every thing is in agreement with each other.
which means this universe is the creation of the one and only God,Allah.

the excersice of wondering about the world is called tafakkur, it means deep thinking.
tafakkur is and act of worship in islam because it draws our hearts close to allah.
prophet muhammed used to go up to the mountain of hira and think deeply about the universe and its creator. his heart used to connect closely to his creator. the quraysh in makkah used to worship many gods beside allah but prophet muhammed never liked what his tribe and other tribes in arabia did . he never worshiped their false gods.
A World of Harmony
when you wake up in the morning is it by chance that breakfast is ready on the table or is it because somebody prepared it ?
if something as simple as breakfast on the table can not occur by chance then what about your body , world ,and the whole universe surely it did not occur by chance
Everything in the world and universe is the creation of Allah. Not only is Allah the creator of the universe but He is also the on and only creator.
Perfect human body
look at the perfect human body you will notice that everything is in its proper place . People can do amazing things using their physical and cognitive powers . Everything in the human body is designed in the best form , Allah said in the Qur'an : "certainly We created man in the best form "
Look at the world around you
You will see how the sun rises from the east an sets in the west everyday with amazing accuracy and harmony . The sun makes things warm during the day while at night things cool , and the cycle continues. the sun also brightens the world during the day so people can work and see things easily, while it disappears and causes darkness so we can sleep and rest . Imagine if the sun remains up during the night what do u think will happen ?
What Allah says in Surat Ul Qasas
Allah mentioned in the Qur'an that an unbeliever is the one who does not appreciate the signs of Allah. A true believer in God has the ability to see the signs and proof's of Allahs Existence , Greatness and Oneness
Signs of One great God
The miracle of the brain
Do you wonder how the brain gathers the information? the brain gathers the information from the eyes , nose , ears , skin , mouth etc. And interprets that information. What makes this interpretation is a collection of hundred billion nerve cells in your brain these cells operate continuously and enable you to see , recognize and perceive things around you
What does tafakkur mean ?
What does the word harmony mean ?
In which surah has Allah said he has created men in the best form ?
How a believer appreciates the sign of Allah?
What is the brain made up of ?
Explain these words with the content of the lesson :
human body
Say: Have ye thought, if Allah made night everlasting for you till the Day of Resurrection, who is a God beside Allah who could bring you light? Will ye not then hear? (71) Say: Have ye thought, if Allah made day everlasting for you till the Day of Resurrection, who is a God beside Allah who could bring you night wherein ye rest? Will ye not then see? (72)
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