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No description

Shreya Jain

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of WATER ATM

of Indians have NO access to
clean drinking water EACH day Can you imagine
not having access to
pure drinking water
for one day? CLOUD-managed, SOLAR-powered, cashless vending ecosystem that enables availability of CLEAN drinking water 24 hours a day at the very LAST mile.
Operating on SMART easy to RECHARGE cards Priced at 50 paise for a litre. a new initiative "Water for all" SARVAJAL Exploring the depth of context " WATER ATMs " THE IMPACT AND ANALYSIS 200,000,000 L
of clean water served in
6 states with over 75,000 regular customers and created
400+ jobs Conserving an estimated 40% of ANNUAL income spent on preventable diseases Provides PURE drinking water
24 x 7
to otherwise
water stricken & remote villages curbing FLUORIDE
content in water which is primarily responsible for DANGEROUS health issues in rural India AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE
for lower income families SAVING education and livelihood of WOMEN and CHILDREN who are otherwise responsible for water collection 150,000,000 Water Contaminants
cause 3/4th of the
prevailing diseases
in rural India Mainly Caused due to :
DEPLETING ground water
AVAILIBILITY of water is only for a select few hours
CONTAMINATED water through the dirty pipes and channels
EXPENSIVE household FILTRATION units for each
water GRIDS TOO EXPENSIVE to be laid all across 60% common
in adults 85% common
in children DEPTH OF CONTEXT TECHNOLOGY and BUSINESS models that
deliver affordable, accessible and pure drinking water
to the LAST MILE. Employs local from the community
A purification unit to each franchisee
Operated by the franchisee keeping part of the sale revenue FRANCHISEE
MODEL PLAN Filtration plants
using reverse osmosis
and ultra violet rays
to filter locally
sourced water Water levels communicated
to Central Database
covering: levels of fluoride and other chemicals
quality control of water
levels of micro organisms for constant MAINTENANCE THE WORKING THE PRICING STRATEGY Average Daily Consumption = 20 litres= 10 Rupees
= (0.125 Euro) Average Monthly Consumption = 300 Rupees < 5 Euros apart from saving HEALTH, INCOME and TIME spent on illnesses caused by impure water. CONSTANT Vigilance and QUALITY control of the water using mechanised text messages over mobile networks in addition to ceaseless filtration . EDUCATING the consumer about the IMPORTANCE of pure water, engaging them to use technology based ATMs and triggering technological EXPOSURE to a major demographic of uneducated population Providing EMPLOYMENT opportunities to individuals from their community which in return helps in better belief system and MARKETING of the product amongst the villagers. SUSTAINABLE as it is powered on SOLAR energy and involves RE USABILITY of resources with minimum wastage SAVING cost of transport,
delivery and packaging of the product and being extremely AFFORDABLE and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY STANDARDIZES the procedure of clean water collection opposing unorganized and soiled water pumps EXPLORING THE INNOVATION Piramal Water Private Limited
Chandan Bunglow, Opp Paritosh Tower
Near Darpana Academy, Usmanpura
Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380 013 India
+91 79 4050 2100
http://www.sarvajal.com/ Can you imagine
not having access to
pure drinking water
for one day?
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