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Biodegradable project

science project

Charissa Karr

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Biodegradable project

Water bottle revolution Instead of printing the brand name on a cellophane outer wrapping, both the company and the enviorment would benefit from imprinting the company's brand names and logos into the plastic. Not only is it enviormentally friendly and easier to recycle, it is more cost effective making it a more benefitial choice. Simply printing the company name on the paper would result in the need for more paper which would result in the need for more trees wich would result in smallers forests and bigger lumber factorys, the lumber factorys would pollute the air and the lack of trees would make it harder for the air to be returnened to it's clean state. The lack of trees would also result in the lack of oxygen for humans and the lack of oxygen and the increase in air pollution would make it very hard for humans to breath and would increase sickness rates but if all the company names were imprinted in the bottle's plastic all of this could be prevented By Charissa Karr, Kate Lessard and Hunter chain The End
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