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Ch. 8 Focusing the Interview

No description

David Angeloni

on 24 March 2018

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Transcript of Ch. 8 Focusing the Interview

alternative frames of reference
Complete a family and community genogram
better decisions...
Define Focusing...
broader systems...
Multiple Contextual Perspectives
multiple perspectives
1) help clients tell stories and describe issues from multiple perspectives and frames of reference

2) increase client's cognitive and emotional complexity and awareness of interconnectivity

3) help clients stay focused when exploring other issues comprehensively

4) help clients see themselves as "self-in-relation" and "persons-in-community" through community and family genograms

5) include advocacy, community awareness, and social change as part of practice, on some level
Chapter Goals:
Ch. 8 Focusing the Interview
- focus on the individual and significant others

- focus on the family

- focus on the interviewer

- cultural factors

- environmental factors

- contextual factors
Considerations: Where to focus ????
Self - in - Relation
holistic restorying
- Intro chapter and p.7

- Help clients understand the notion of self-in-relation to others

- Remove client's self-centered focus....antithesis of modern life ?

- Acknowledge society's influence in the modern world

- The past may have significant influence on one's behavior, feelings, thoughts, and relationships

- Much work may need to be done here....
social and cultural issues
Advocacy and Social Justice


- Speaking out and standing up for clients. Working with school, community, work place, larger setting to help clients. Social change...

Social Justice

A moral orientation toward a just and fair world. A value stance that emphasizes human rights and equality.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
- can help client gain perspective
- no stuckness
- see other points of view
- see "self in relation" to others - not "I love me some me..."
- notion of person as community
- watch out for "selective attention" and try to instead maintain broader dimensions
- Vanessa - p.161/163
- Family Genogram activity..

- Community Genogram activity...
-visual map
-client in relation to the environment
-stressors and assets

- Significant others consideration

- Mutual Focus and Immediacy - here and now

- Cultural/Environmental Focus

- personalize the interview
- be aware of OWN social context and perspective
- avoid bias

- Community Genogram sample p.170 (Janet)
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