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Avid Binder Set Up

As a DMS AVID goal for 16-17 all students will be expected to use an AVID binder. This Prezi is to assist with set up of those binders

Renee Lee

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Avid Binder Set Up

Why do I need a Binder?
It will grow in size
Use It!
What you need for your AVID Binder
3 inch Binder

Pencil Pouch
Always have at least
- 2 pencils -2 black/blue pens
- 1 highlighter - 1 red pen-
-1 pack colored pencils (optional)

5 Tab Dividers-

Social Studies

Behind each tab you will need
1. Handouts the teacher wants you to keep all year.
2. Cornell Notes In Chronological Order (Newest to Oldest)
3. Graded Assignments in Chronological Order
(Newest to Oldest)

Extra blank Cornell Notes/ Filler paper
Dessau Middle School
Avid Binder Set Up
2" and 2.5" inch is okay
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