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No description

Rotimi Odeh

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Agriculture:

Agriculture - A Global Business

World Food Crisis


US Agriculture
Technology - Capital intensive
High Productivity
Precision agriculture
Highly Mechanized
Government support - Favorable Ag Policies
Approx 2% of population in Ag
Great investment climate
Emphasis on sustainability
Job Opportunities ?
Journey .....Across the World
Global Food Crisis
Comparative Agriculture
Where do you come in?
Opportunities - Addressing the needs

California - Stanilaus Almond
The Entrepreneurial Mindset
- Meet the needs
Way Forward....Where You Come in
Be that agent of change
Acquire knowledge - You'll need it
China’s Shuanghui puchase Smithfield Foods for $7.1 (including debts)

Emerging Markets
$13 Billion annual sales
Operations in Mexico & 10 European countries
Facilities in 26 states in US, HQ in VA.
46, 000 employees worldwide
American Icon
Aging farming population
Agriculture landscape is changing
Need to use :
Less water
Less land
Less oil/energy
Less fertilizer
In a more unstable/unpredictable climate
More environmentally responsible
feed more with less
Supply chain management/Distribution
Production efficiency/Appropriate technology
Improved varieties/species
concerns - Aquaculture
Farm responsibly, Strong Ag policies/programs
Value added/Post-harvest management
Waste management ($3B vs 1.2B starve)
Composting, Recycling, Pollution
How do we seize these?:
..........Think Globally, Act locally
Developing Countries
Labor intensive
Low productivity
50-70% of population in Ag
High post-harvest losses
Small farm holdings
Mixed farming
25-50% Post-harvest loss

Subsistence Agriculture
World Population Stat
The butterfly effect..............a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park.
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