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This presentation mostly describes cadmium and some facts about it.

Sarrah Dominique

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Cadmium

It's Origin Valence Electrons Position How is it used by people? Five Compounds formed by Cadmium Discovery Interesting Fact Cadmium; it was named from the Latin word cadmia which means calamine. It was discovered in 1817 by Friedrich Stromeyer Symbol, Atomic Number, and Mass The chemical symbol is Cd, its atomic mass is 112.41, and its atomic number is 48. This element has 2 valence electrons. Cadmium is located at the right of Silver (Ag), to the left of Indium (In), at the top of Mercury (Hg), and under Zinc (Zn). Similar Elements One thing that Cadmium has in common with Zinc, Mercury, and Ununbium is that they all have 2 valence electrons. It is used to make low-temperature melting alloys, like solder and Wood’s Metal for indoor sprinkler systems. Cadmium was discovered by a chemist named Friedrich Strohmeyer. He saw that zinc carbonate, also known as calamine changed color when it was heated, but the pure calamine didn’t change color. So he isolated it by heating it and lowering the calamine. What he really isolated in the end was cadmium metal. oPaint Pigment- Human-made
oCadmium Stabilizer- Human-made
oNiCd Batteries- Naturally occurring and human made
oCadmium Coating-
oCadmium Solder- Human-made
The element is used by people in batteries and these batteries are found in cell phones, laptops, and cameras. These compounds are also both used in black, white, and color television tubes. It is also used in plastics to stabilize its compounds. In Nature Cadmium is found in the atmosphere, on earth’s crust, in sea-water, and in Marine sediment.
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