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Social Media in the NHS

No description

Gemma Finnegan

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Social Media in the NHS

Facebook is still the most popular social network and can be a great tool for community building

Nearly a third of regular Facebook users are aged between 25-35

In decline with the under 25s it is still the social network that most patients use.

Not one of the 'big 6' foursquare is a geo-location social network with a dedicated following.
St George's Hospital in London use has been particularly innovative.
A 'professional Facebook'
There are over 3000 NHS organisation on LinkedIn
And over 250,000 NHS individuals
Anyone know what Google + is yet? ;)
Google +
Social Media in the NHS
#nhssm favourites
Pinterest is a really visual platform
97% of users are female
You Tube
Many organisations are using YouTube

Video is a great way to share key health messages
Keep it short!
Worth considering paying for professional production

36% of Instagram users are 18-29 years old

Perfect platform to show the human face of your organisation!
and we can't forget Vine - vox pop your events.
a few #nhssm fave vids:
Northants & MK
#Social movements have the power to transform - #hellomynameis
Join us every Wednesday for #nhssm
8-9pm for a tweetchat all things healthcare/social media and digital

Thanks for viewing - @Gemma_Finnegan
The second most popular social platform - and the one the public use most often for feedback.
Are you engaging or just broadcasting?
Flickr is a photosharing platform - another great way to share your events
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