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No description

Rami Alomran

on 3 September 2013

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It 2003 with Marcus Wright in a jail cell. A doctor named Serena comes in to speak with him, offering him one more chance to donate his body to science so that other people could benefit from his healthy tissue and organs, and he could have a second chance at life. He says he dosent deserve a second chance and disagrees with getting one more chance
she isn't trying to help herself, she is trying to help the world. He eventually relents and offers to sell his body to her for a kiss, after which he states, "So that's what death tastes like." He is then executed.
The Very Beginning
A war between the people and the machines break out, this happened because the Skynet's started to view humans as a threat to them and wanted to attach them
The middle
Next, Marcus is seen walking around an abandoned city. He calls out when he sees someone, but it turns out to be a T-600, which begins to attack him. A young man. (which we find out is Kyle) shows up and tells Marcus to "Come with me if you want to live." he meet a young girl named Star (Jadagrace) who seems to be a mute, who helps Kyle destroy the T-600
Importance of the chapter
That part is really important because thats when the whole group became united
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