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Epideictic Rhetoric and Commemorative Speaking

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Alyssa S

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Epideictic Rhetoric and Commemorative Speaking

Organized around two goals:

1. Help the audience appreciate the importance of the commemorated
2. Illustrate the unique qualities, achievements, or importance of the commemorated

Incorporate compelling stories and anecdotes
Use rich language that brings to mind vivid images and expresses deep emotion

Share what is unique and special
Express sincere appreciation
Tell the truth
Respect time limitations

Guidelines for entertaining speeches:
Use humor carefully
Speak about meaningful issues
Pay careful attention to your delivery

Remember that humor is a complicated communication phenomena.
Timing, objective, audience, interpretations

Understand the purpose of the award
Recognize others
Respect time limitations

Organized around three goals:
Thank audience for the award
Show your awareness of significance of the award
Acknowledge the people who helped you accomplish what you’re being honored for

Speeches of Acceptance

Speeches of introduction
Speeches of acceptance
Speeches to entertain
Speeches of commemoration

Types of Epideictic Address

Come together after difficult events
Celebrate events or transitions
Acknowledge someone’s accomplishments

Why do we give these speeches?

Civic value of epideictic

: attempts to make the future
: attempts to change what see as truth about the past
: attempts to reshape views of the present (praise and blame)

**Different purposes, occasions, and audiences

Review: Genres of Rhetoric

Praise, honor, recognize, or pay tribute to a person, group, event, idea, or institution.

Speech of tribute
is given to honor someone
Speech of award
is to present someone with an award

Speeches of Commemoration

Three contexts we might use this speech
Introduce yourself at job interviews or class
Introduce yourself to someone else
Introduce an event or another speaker

Be brief and concise
Be accurate
Be appropriate

Speeches of Introduction

Epideictic Rhetoric
(Or Speaking on Special Occasions)

Unit 4: Commemorative Speaking

Lighthearted speeches that address issues or ideas in a humorous way

Organized around two goals:
Entertain the audience
Make the audience think

Speeches to entertain

Analyzing Commemorative Speeches:
Public Eulogy
"Speeches of dispay" that are "showy, ostentatious" rather than necessary for public life.

Crucial for uniting community members in a public context.
Successful Commemorative Speeches...
Eulogy as a genre
*Assertion of persistent life (deceased survives in deeds, family, or history)
*Affirms that the community will survive the death
*Rhetorical strategies reknit the community with appeals to audience to
Carry on works
Embody the virtues
Live as the deceased would have wish
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