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Poseidon's Fury

No description

Jacob Allen

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Poseidon's Fury

Poseidon's Fury
Mission Statement
Phun Physiks, Inc. is dedicated to making high quality rides, that are safe, low cost, and easy to maintain, while maximizing profits and having our customers as our number one priority.
The Proposal
The Physics
To ensure the safety of the riders we needed to design the ride with certain specifications in mind, while still maintaining maximum thrill.
Phun Physiks, Inc. presents...
The ride starts from rest at the top of the hill. It then accelerates, and reaches a maximum speed of 15.3 m/s. It then slows down for the remainder of the ride until it comes to rest.
The maximum speed at the bottom of the hill is 18 m/s.
The time of the ride down the hill must be at least 4 seconds.
The total available length for the ride is 120 meters.
It takes the ride 5.2 seconds to go from the top of the slide to the bottom of the slide. The total time for the complete ride is about 18 seconds.
The Economics
The ride will be designed to minimize costs, while still preserving safety and maximizing profits.
The ride can be effectively run using only three people and assuming that the people are paid minimum wage, money is greatly saved on labor costs.
The ride will be made out of aluminum and steel, with rafts designed with a plexiglass floor for maximum enjoyment. The ride is designed to be durable and therefore minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing profits.
Complimentary Sales
The ride will bring in an abundance of other sales and will greatly increase revenue. The more people who use the ride, the more people that will buy souvenir photos of their experiences. Also there is a direct correlation between the sale of concessions and the use of the ride that will increase revenue.
An investment in advertisement promoting this new and exciting ride will increase attendance at the park and create a park-wide spike in sales.
Customer Satisfaction
Customers will be thrilled by this fast-paced water ride and will leave positive reviews about the park on social media and so on. These reviews will bring in increased attendance for the park and greatly increase revenue.
We designed a water flume ride with a height of 16 meters, a slide length of 40 meters, and a total distance of 119.7 meters.
David Oliver, Calvin Demski, Jacob Allen, Kathleen Mancillas, Stephanie Brito
The Math
In order to ensure maximum safety we had our top minds at Phun Physiks, Inc. complete the math and explain it in a step-by-step process within your handout.
About Phun Physiks, Inc.
Company History
Phun Physiks, Inc. is a fresh young company full of life and vigor. We started up in late 2013 and have already embarked on the track to making a name for ourselves as the best and brightest. The founders, David Oliver, Calvin Demski, Jacob Allen, Stephanie Brito, and Kathleen Mancillas, grouped together for the purpose of making thrilling rides and life long memories. With every challenge we respond with enthusiasm and creativity and with perseverance we can overcome any obstacle thrown at us. The company looks forward to a bright and successful future and is always looking for new ways to expand into new markets, increase productivity, and maximize profits.
The Customer
The ride was designed with the customer in mind. In order to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the ride, Phun Physiks, Inc. took measures to increase the thrill of the ride.
High Speeds
The ride was designed to move with high speeds so that the customer is excited and thrilled for the entire ride.
Plexiglass Floors
Each raft will be made of fiberglass except for the floors, which will be designed of clear plexiglass. This will allow the customer to look at the water beneath them and add to the excitement they experience.
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