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2010 Haiti Earthquake

No description

Mahek Marker

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of 2010 Haiti Earthquake

2010 Haiti Earthquake
By Mahek Marker
The world was shocked when the news broke out of the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti and near the Dominican Republic. This took place on January 12th, 2010 at 4:53pm. It only laste for 40 seconds. This was one of their most powerful earthquakes since 1770.
Specifially in Haiti, the destruction was located southwest of the capital city; Port-au-Prince the west Indian Islands, and the Dominican Republic (Hispanolia). One of the Greater Antilles Islands.
Millions evacuated the scene, filled with anxiety and fear. Famailes were ripped apart from eachother, and some did not make it. This video displays the atmosphere and the enviorment at the time of the destruction.
An earthquake is sudden movement of ground which causes destruction, caused by the movement of plate tectonics.

Seismic waves are an elastic wave caused by the earthquake, there are three types;
L waves: are horizontal waves across the earths surface

P waves (primary): shake the ground back and forth in the same/ opposite direction as the direction the wave is moving
S Waves (secondary): move
a body of an object
In order to measure the size of the occurance of an earthquake, the tool used is called the
Richter Scale
. This method was developed by Charles Richter from California. It is currently the most popular way to measure the earthquake.
The magnitude of the Haiti that took place in Haiti was 7.0
Haiti lies in the Carribean Plate and near the North American Plate, which are two rocky slabs that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. A slippage occured with the two plates which caused the destructive earthquake. This caused the plates to move 20 mm east per year since 2010. The earthquake was also 6.2 miles below ground.
These two plates are between the Septentrional fault system (a strike-slip fault system where sediment rocks are lined horizontally with the fault).
Tectonic Plates
Overall this earthquake caused several damage for one of the poorest contries in the world, according to the UN Human Development Index. Billions of dollars had to be raised for the population to live. Precisely, $14.2 had been the cost of the damage. Also, 700 million cubic square feet had to be rebuilt a year later. This did include all the schools, houses, and other significant buildings that were destroyed.
220, 000-316, 000: estimate of death toll varys
3% of Haitis population vanished
300, 000: number of injured citizens
1.5 million: people iniially displaced
64, 680: displaced people remain
3, 978: number of schools damaged or destroyed by earthquake
96: death toll of UN peacekeepers
122: americans confirmed dead
Over 600, 000: fleed from Port-au-Prince (Capital City)
After the earthquake, 83% of the population were homeless.

One of the toughest struggles stated from the former 2010 Haiti president (Rene Preval) was dealing with all the rubble. After one year, only 10% had been cleared up.
At least 770, 000 people had been struck by Cholera. Whereas over 9, 200 people had passed.
A dreadful disease had spread across the nation called Cholera
This harmful disease can kill any adult or child within hours from 5 days of exposure.
It is spread if revealed to contaminated water and food, or made contact with human feces or bacteria
Haiti has been troubled by several distinct earthquakes in the past: 1860, 1770, 1761, 1684, 1673, and 1618.
But according to USGS (United States Geologic Survey) they predicted that the 2010 earthquake had been led by the previous ones. Although their information was false.
The earthquake that occured in 2010 was by far the most bizarre for the population
Also, the earthquake was located on the conservative plate boundary (can also be called transform plate margin)
Meaning, in this area plates slide past eachother in opposite or same directions. Friction is created which sends shock waves through the earths surface.
History of Former Earthquakes
Injuries and Diseases
Struggles For Haiti
Haiti had struggled but achieved to patch themselves up after the disastrous earthquake.
The nation had discovered ways to find treatment for curing Cholera. A vaccination had been introduced by scientists to deal with the disease.
Also, citizens helped clear up the all the rubble. Despite taking years to fully clean up, new schools and houses had been built.
In addition, the country was able to raise $13,2. this was achieved by many fundraisers done globally. Even by the help of former president of America, Bill Clinton, by the "Clinton Foundation"
Thank you
For Listening To My Presentation
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