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Tech in language classes

No description

Jenn Lawing

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Tech in language classes

Using Technology
How do we use technology in the classroom?
Voice Recording
• student and teacher recorded speaking activity
• Teacher use for assessment and progress monitoring
• Student use for self-correction and give feedback to classmates
• Students create record original stories and songs
Create customized avatars. Add voice to your Voki avatars.
•• After researching famous people, students could create avatars that resemble these famous people to present information, such as why they were important in history.
• At the beginning of the school year, students could create avatars to resemble themselves as an introduction to the class.
• Students could use Voki avatars to persuade the audience to act, such purchasing a product or voting for a candidate.
Create videos in Animoto - using photos and narrate with voices and text

Add writing onto a wikispace - social writing for education.
Authentic Music
Google Earth
Tourist- visit various countries
• Spanish speaking regional around world

Google Lit Trips - Online
in World Language classrooms
by Jenn Lawing

easy to use...fun to create
Create Videos
Video chats...talk or write to pen pals in Italy
Dance lessons
Songs as learning aids
cultural lessons
live video streaming of Vatican City
Powerpoints and Prezi
animated powerpoints used as more interactive games in class.
live radio stations
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