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MKTG1001_Foundations of Marketing

No description

Jacqueline Calvo

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of MKTG1001_Foundations of Marketing

Week 2
Consumer Behaviour

CB related to Core Concepts:
Building the Foundations of Marketing
STP related to Core Concept:
Products, Services & Brands related to Core Concept:
Product and its related concepts is the first "P" of seven in the marketing mix.

The marketing mix is how marketer's arrange the 7 P's to create and provide superior value via the 'Market Offering' that will fulfill the needs, wants, & demands of a target market and lead to long-term profitable relationships with customers.
Week 1
The Core Marketing Concepts
Consumers needs, wants, & demands are influenced by their underlying behavioural factors. These affect the buying decisions of our target markets
Week 3
Segmentation, Targeting,
& Positioning (STP)
Who are the company's target market (s) and what are these customers' homogeneous characteristics?
How will they be reached?
What attributes of the brand will they remember?

Week 4
Products, Services & Brands
Week 5
New Product, PLC, & Price
Week 6
Place - Supply, Distribution & Logisitics
Week 7
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
An organisation’s IMC program consists of a specific blend of the communications elements that will most effectively meet objectives such as to…
Remind consumers, and
Reinforce their attitudes and perceptions.

Week 8
The Marketing Environment
Figure: Actors in the Micro Environment (degree of control & influence)
Figure: Forces in the Macro Environment (nil/limited control & influence)
Marketing Environments related to Core Concept:
The micro and macro environments have direct influence on consumers changing needs, wants, demands, and expectations of value.

The micro and macro environments have direct influence on how companies develop their market offerings via the marketing mix to capture appropriate value propositions for their target market.

Value & Satisfaction
Customer Perceived
they receive
Customer Perceived

the customers
what was
Delivered or Received
V = B - C
S = E - D
The Marketing Process, & Relationships
Made By: Jacqui Calvo
Presentation By: Jacqui Calvo for the MKTG1001, University of Newcastle
Core Concepts
Figure: Product life cycle
Figure: New Product Pricing Strategies
Figure: Three types of Pricing Strategies
Figure: 3 Levels of a Product
Figure: Product Decisions
Figure: 4 Characteristics of a Service
Figure: Four Influencers of Consumer Behaviour
Figure: The Consumer Decision-Making Process
Figure: Four Bases of Segmentation
Figure: Target Marketing Strategies
Figure: STP Process
Figure: The Promotion Mix
Figure: Channels of Distribution
Figure: Intensity of Distibution
Figure: The Value Chain
Figure: The Marketing Process
Figure: Relationship Marketing Management
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