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Webshop: Accomplishment Statements

Learn how to write effective accomplishment statements for the bullet points on your resume

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Transcript of Webshop: Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment Statements
for your RESUME

Accomplishment Statements
Identify SARs
Highlight your unique contributions
Demonstrate skills relevant to the position
Describe specific and measurable accomplishments

Don't just list your job duties and responsibilities. What were the things that ONLY you were able to accomplish or contribute the company while in that role?
STEP 1: Brainstorm
What am I most proud of?
What are my professional accomplishments?
How did I become involved?
What did I do?
How did I do it?
What did I enjoy the most?
What were the major outcomes?
Measure, Specify & Quantify
did you use?
How many
people did you manage?
How long
was the project?
did you use?
How much
were you able to increase sales?
What were the
of your work?
Describe the situation:
What problem or challenge initiated the project?
Describe the action you took
What did you specifically DO?
What was the result or outcome of your efforts?
Financial services needed to be provided to clients
Provided financial services accurately and timely
Strong client relationships
Describes Outcome of Work
Maintained excellent client relationships, securing trust and confidence by providing complete, accurate and timely financial services.
Earned highest customer satisfaction rating in 2007 by providing timely and effective technical support
Describes Skills Used
Managed financial data using Quickbooks and Excel
Provided on-call service maintenance for all major computer products including: IBM, Compaq, Epson, Apple
Quantifies Work
Managed A/P and A/R for retailer with $25million annual revenue
Created quarterly financial reports for clients
Describes Purpose of Work
Generated journal entries to provide accurate financial statements on a monthly basis
Redesigned help-desk operations to ensure all requests were handled within 24 hours
Increased cellphone sales by 30% in 18 months
Write & Edit
Combine all the information from Steps 1 -3 into one concise sentence or bullet point for your resume in one of these 4 categories
Make an appointment with a career consultant to review your resume or send your resume to careers@ggu.edu
Office of Career Planning
Spend 10 mins Brainstorming all your Jobs, internships, and experiences to date. For each, think about:

A brief summary of the experience, qualifications and skills, you have that are relevant to the job, internship, or career you are pursuing
Future Oriented
Targeted to a specific company/position
Bullet points
Do not use personal pronouns
Start each with an action verb
Use key words
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