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No description

Joel Mohag

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Closer

Kings of Leon
The song is almost only built up by metaphors, trying to tell the feeling of being a drug addict. For example, in the sentence "With the moon I run from the carnage of the fiery sun", moon is a metaphor for the drugs that "saves" him from "the carnage of the fiery sun", with other words, life. This message becomes clear when you change the words "she, baby, you" to simply drugs. An example is "she took my heart", which with other words becomes " the drugs took my heart."
In the chorus he sing "and its coming closer", which is also a metaphor. It means that the final destination will soon arrive, with other words, death. He has gone the path of drugs for to long and everything looses value, even his life. He is therefore talking about commiting suicide.
The sender of this (apart from the singer himself) is all drugusers that want to warn and inform people how its like to be addicted, to have their whole life circling around one simple thing. They want to tell how it is to be stuck, when everything feels meaningless.
The reciever therefore becomes the typical human, who maybe disrespect drugaddicts. They get the message that maybe you shouldn´t look down on them, to really get the hang of their situation.
I get the feeling of something sempiternal, something that always has been there and never ends. It feels like he´s lived that life for a really long time.(2000 years taking is toll). I also get the feeling of desperation for help, since he sings of how destroyed he is and how he wants to get out of it(And its coming closer).

If you hear the song before you read and analyze the lyrics I think you will get the right "emotion" anyway. I think you can hear the frustration and hopelessness in his voice. The music feels like a mash up of a sort of dreamy feeling, like you're floating and the drums that forces you back to reality.
To recognize some places, persons or events are pretty hard since the lyrics are really deep with a lot of metaphors. If you choose to see the song as a love song then you could say that "she" is the girl who made him heartbroken in some way. If you see it as a song about drugs, I think "she" is the drugs. Here we may draw a parallel between love and drug problems.
This song is hard to understand, hard to explain.

Kings of leon is an alternative rock band from Nashville Tennessee that started in year 2000.

The band was grounded by the three brothers of Followill and their cousin.

Because their dad and grand dad had both the name Leon in their names, they came up with the name Kings of Leon.

The became more popular in Canada and USA thanks to their fourth studio album Only by the night that was released in 2008.

Their most famous song is Use somebody

The genre of this song i think is alternative rock cause it really feels like it
and because of the drums

Stranded in this spooky town
Stoplight is swaying and the phone lines are down
Snow is crackling cold, she took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run far from the carnage of the fiery sun

Driven by the strangle of vein showing no mercy I do it again,
Open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby, Ill bleed you dry
Skies they blink at me, I see a storm bubbling up from the sea

And it's coming closer
And it's coming closer

You shimmy shook my boat leaving me stranded all in love on my own
What do you think of me? Where am I now? Baby where do I sleep?
Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing taking its toll

And its coming closer
And its coming closer
And its coming closer
And its coming closer
• The song was written in 2008, by Jared Followill. He is the bassist in the band.
• The song is on Kings of leon’s 4 album, Only by the night
• The song is about drugs, i think. Because you can hear he say certain words throughout the song that link to drug like bleed, bubbling, crackling, vein, chasing.
• I don’t know if the song i based on a true event, because i did’t find any facts about that.

I don’t know if it’s a certain message with the song. But my interpretation is that he is singing about his love to the drug. Because he sings that he has the love of her, even if he is relived from get rid of her.
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