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What Would Wing Luke Want?

PBAF 566

Elise Ricci

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of What Would Wing Luke Want?

PBAF 566 Group Presentation:
Chinatown ID Economic Development Economic Social Environmental Wing Chong Luke
[the 1st Chinese-American City Councilmember in the United States] raised the profile of the CID in the 1960s What Would Wing Luke want? When building new transit and managing urban growth,
shouldn't we be asking... Crime Aging Population Zoning Language Barriers Police interaction
Healthcare & social services
Community participation Recommendations

Active alleys
Late night presence Family Associations Cultural Local Investment Median age rising to 52.3
>15% under $15K Recommendations

Increase targeted service providers
Build workforce skills
Create community space Transit Oriented Development (TOD) “People can walk, bike, or take transit from their homes to…obtain the goods and services they require…including access to open space and neighborhood schools.” Population New
Development Business Open Space air
pollution green streets Household Income Yesler Terrace
Zoning Law Marketing
Rent Increases
Competition 250% higher rate of respiratory illnesses in ID limited space
few parks better landscaping
improved lighting
integrating pedestrian amenities
Additional Recommendations Utilize and Develop Green Streets
Incentivize Small Businesses loans/
government subsidies
Enchance Cultural Vitality in Historic District One of the highest in Seattle
Vacant buildings and alleys Median age rising to 52.3 property values
Lack of affordability Public safety
Social services financial services
Scarce capital renovation
community space First Hill Streetcar & Jackson Light Rail

increase mixed-development
low-income housing guarantee
incorporate green & open elements
entrepreneurship strategy
only in Seattle Intiative Town Hall Meeting
December 7th 2010

Welcome ID Community Members

Tonight's Agenda:
Brief ID History
Current ID Conditions-
Economic, Social, Environmental, Cultural


Proposed Recommendations

Vote! VOTE!
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