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Battle of Trenton Timeline

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Garrett Urhammer

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Battle of Trenton Timeline

Battle of Trenton Timeline
December 14th, 1776
Middle of December
December 24th
December 25th
December 26th
The Battle of Trenton (Dec 26th)
January 3rd, 1777
Commander Colonel Johann Rall and his Hessian garrison of 1,500 men, arrived in Trenton, NJ. Rall turned down building fortifications, to temporary hold supply lines. His plan was to march into Pennsylvania when the Delaware river froze over.
With morals dwindling and ending enlistment around the corner, Washington needed a "Game Changer". He proposed a surprise attack on the Hessian Garrison stationed in Trenton. The attack was scheduled for the morning of December 26th. He begin to collect boats and supplies to plan the attack.
Boats were brought down from Malta Island near New Hope, and hidden behind Taylor's Island at McKonkey's Ferry. All final preparation was completed for the attack.
Washington's army reached the Delaware River on that evening. Using Durham boats and large barges they ferried 2,400 men along with horses and artillery.
George Washington's army reached the New Jersey shore at 3:00 am, and began their 10 mile march to Trenton. By 8:00 am the army covered the outskirts of Trenton.
A little after 8:00 am, the Continental army opened fire on Rall's Troops. Surrounding the town with soldiers, the artillery started firing on the main posts. Rall attempted to rally his regiments. With a failing counter attack, Rall suffered heavy losses. Cutting off any possible escape, Washington's troop surrounded the remaining survivors.
This victory lead to the Battle of Princeton days later.
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