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"eTwinning and its opportunities for teachers"

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Tatiana Popa

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of "eTwinning and its opportunities for teachers"

"eTwinning and its opportunities for teachers",
Tatiana Popa, English teacher, HS "Gh.Asachi", Chisinau

Getting registered on the platform
Signing in is easy, if you get the login name and password from the National PSA.
Participating in online collaborative projects
Take care of your Professional Development!
Learning Events
Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. They are led by an expert and include active work and discussion among teachers across Europe.
Online Seminars
eTwinning Online Seminars are an opportunity for eTwinners to become involved in Continuing Professional Development online.
eTwinning Groups
eTwinning Groups are private platforms for eTwinners to discuss and work together on a specific topic or theme. Moderated by an experienced eTwinner, each Group sets out activities and tasks for teachers to do and discuss. Topics vary from languages teaching and collaborative writing to experimental sciences. The aim is for eTwinners to share practice examples, discuss teaching and learning methodologies and find support for professional development.
Contacts PSA eTwinning Moldova
Tel.: 800 10801 (apel gratuit)
Fax.: +373 22 542338,
Email: info@etwinning.md
Skype: etwinningplus.md
pagina facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eTwinningMoldova
Sites with courses about eTwinning:
www.iteach.ro - in Romanian, from beginners till advanced;
www.ctice.md - same courses as on iteach.ro, on Moodle platform;
1.Free access!
2.Sense of community
3.A safe environment
4.Collaborative projects
5.Professional Development opportunities
6.Lots of support
7.Happy pupils
8.No bureaucracy
9.Intercultural Understanding
10.Fun for the whole class

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