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No description

dillon galle

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Germany

By Dillon Galle
Stone Hedge
Stone hedge is the oldest place in the world. It is
older than the Pyramids. No one knows how
people moved these heavy rocks. Scientist
think they are about 1,000 years old. They
are located at Black Forest. Black Forest is located at Freiberg.
The tick is a blood sucker. They are very
common in Germany. Once they bite you
there heads are stuck in your skin. To
prevent ticks, use bug spray. Since they
have a disease and will spread it to anything
it bites, you should get a shot that prevents
the disease,which is Lyme disease.
Steingaden is a very beautiful church.
It is painted inside. Early germans
wanted to have a religious place
to worship, so they built this church
and painted it on the inside.
Thats facts about Germany. Enjoy
your way home.
Just follow the road home
( fun fact )
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