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Deconstructing a Writing Prompt

No description

Stephanie Luke

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Deconstructing a Writing Prompt

Deconstructing an Essay Prompt
Using RAFT

What is your role as the writer?
Who is your audience?
If not specified, how can you tell?
What word usually clues you in to this?
What question does your thesis (central claim) have to answer?
What are you explaining or proving?
FCAT Practice Prompt 1

Writing Situation:
Read this quotation:
"When you learn something from people or from another culture, you accept it as a gift, and it is your lifelong commitment to preserve it and build on it" - Yo Yo Ma, Musician

Directions for Writing:
Think about what you have learned from the culture in which you live.
Now, write to explain how cultural experiences shape or influence one's perception of the world. Support your response with details from your personal experiences, observations of others, or events and characters from movies, novels, or history.
FCAT Practice Prompt 2
Writing Situation:
Sometimes, it is difficult to understand why parents often have different expectations than their children do,

Directions for Writing:
Think about why parents have expectations for their children.
Now write to explain the reasons

that parents often set expectations for their children.
Embedded Assessment Prompt
Choose a character from Bend it Like Beckham (not necessarily the protagonist) whose mind is pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, or influences. Then, in a well-organized essay, identify each side of the conflict and examine the reasons for the conflict, the conflict's resolution, and how this conflict illuminates the meaning of the work as a whole.
Role: Student
Audience: Not specified -Academic
Format: Expository (explain)
Task: Explain how culture affects perceptions of the world.
Role: Student, Son/Daughter
Audience: Not specified - Academic
Format: Expository
Task: Explain why parents have high expectations for their children.
Role: Student
Audience: Academic
Format: Analysis
Task: Analyze an internal conflict within a character in BilB and how it represents the theme of the film.
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