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Zombie Apocalypse

English ISP 2013

Kathleen S

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Zombie Apocalypse

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Three Theories To Think Through
Killer Thriller
In Conclusion
The Zombie Apocalypse
History and Its Impact on Apocalyptic Theory
I read Partials by Dan Wells
We hear a great deal about the Zombie Apocalypse theories, but how much do we actually KNOW about the topic?
Crazy fun fact about Kathleen: I actually love to learn about random things that are seemingly unimportant
By the end of this presentation
you are going to realize how
very, very important this topic
is to your survival. So listen up.
Fun fact about you:
"The end of the world by way of biochemically regenerated humans [whose] only plan is to kill off all life [existing] on the planet."
What is the Zombie Apocalypse?
There are many events throughout the history of humankind that have lead up to the belief in an apocalyptic event - specifically one dealing with zombies. We will take a look at a few of these events and discuss their impact.
Miami Face-eating Attack
May 26, 2012, just before 14:00.
Rudy Eugene (age 31, high school diploma) attacks Ronald Poppo (age 65, homeless man)
Attack takes place on MacArthur Causeway on-ramp under elevated train, caught on security camera
Quick summary: Eugene had stripped himself naked before the attack, then proceeded to gauge out Poppo's eyes, remove his pants and choke him until he became unconscious, and then consumed Poppo's face (this included his nose and one of his eyes)
Other important details about this case:
Law enforcement was called to the scene, but Eugene only growled in response to the shout for him to stop his attack
An autopsy following his death by 5 shots to his upper back by the police officer called to the scene revealed that the only drug in his system was marijuana
(his behaviours were not consistent with scientifically proven side effects of marijuana)
People around the world began to blame 'bath salts' for Eugene's cannibalistic behaviours, but the autopsy on his body revealed no such substance in his bloodstream
Finally, it was time for conspiracy theorists to step up and begin to theorize possible reasons explaining Eugene's out-of-character, violent behaviour
One of the theories they pieced together:
It was believed by some that the government was to blame
*this is a key theme in most Zombie Apocalyptic theories
Some believed that the government had created either a drug or virus which would lead to violent, superhuman behaviours and activities in the individuals contaminated by the substance/virus
This drug/substance/virus would impact everyone the same way, regardless of past experiences, behavioural patterns, and personality traits
(this would then explain why the once "even-tempered," and "sociable" Eugene would behave in such a way)
Summary of theory: the government is creating tools and means to create zombies for their own secret purposes, thus explaining unusual behaviours in some individuals within society
The Haitian Zombie
2 May 1962
Clairvius Narcisse (born: 1922 in Haiti) is discovered unresponsive and exhumed after his presumed death and consequential burial - exhumed because he had supposedly broken a Haitian code of honour
Background: he was given doses of jimson weed (side effects: hallucinations - extreme, influence which causes the influenced user to obey all orders); enslaved on a sugar plantation
After owner's death, Narcisse's regular doses of jimson weed halted and he eventually returned to his family in good health, where he lived out 16 more years before his
In another report, researches stated their belief that Narcisse had been given a combination of both tetrodotoxin (pufferfish venom) and bufotoxin (toad venom)
In theory, Narcisse would have been administered the tetrodotoxin (powder state) through abraded skin, he would have fallen into a comatose state, collapsed, appeared dead, and then was buried alive
Apocalyptic "evidence"/theory to be extracted from this case:
Chemical compounds and combinations as simple as tetrodotoxin and bufotoxin (pufferfish and toad venom respectively) could easily be used by governments and individuals to weave lies and webs of deception, as well as to create seemingly reversible zombie-like effects to maintain control over an individual or entire population
Summary of theory: the same methods used to 'zombify' Narcisse in 1962 could be used once again (with technology that is far more advanced) in any government-inspired Zombie Apocalypse of the future
These are just some of the many events that have taken place over the course of recent history which have lead individuals and groups of people to consider zombie apocalypse theories to be a reality.
The Zombie Apocalypse craze has penetrated almost every medium available to our senses. Here are some examples for your viewing/listening pleasure:
World War Z
(June 2/13)
Zombie Apocalypse
(Dec. 27/11)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Oct. 2/09
Michael Jackson's Thriller
Music video + song lyrics and sound
Apocalyptic theories regarding Zombies go a lot deeper than we recognize at surface level
The media's portrayal of the Zombie Apocalypse is often mocked, ridiculed, and scorned, disregarding some individuals' sincere belief in the potential of a Zombie Apocalypse occurring in the near future
Many Zombie Apocalypse theories stem from and around the idea of governmental conspiracy
The existence of a zombie is not completely and utterly 'out of the question.' The potential for an apocalyptic is up for debate, but it is one that has many on the edge of their seats
I Am Legend
Walking Dead
And the list goes on...
What impact would you say the media has had on Zombie Apocalypse theories (some that we discussed as well as others that we did not)?

Have you heard of any other Zombie Apocalypse theories? Share them!

What scares you most about the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Would you read a book about the Zombie Apocalypse, or do you feel that it is an over-rated, and over-used topic throughout all (or some) mediums?

How do YOU feel about the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse? Do you feel that there is even a hint of a possibility of one ever occurring?
So what does it feel like to be a zombie? Does it hurt? Do you think brains actually taste good?
I'm not answering that.
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy
Viral disease
"Mad Cow"
Transmissable to humans
Theory: the government has been working on strains of disease which all effect the body in the same way - eat away at brain, leaving small holes; contaminated individual develops symptoms similar to dimentia, and results in frequent episodes of violence
The last area of the brain that is affected by the disease would be the cerebellum, which results in the individual's life being prolonged for as long as possible
Transmissible the same way as rabies (only requires blood contact - eg: bite)
Stem Cell Research
Research on Stem Cells
Used in real-life situations such as example of the Korean paraplegic
A defibrillator will only revive a person if the brain cells are still alive, therefore reviving brain cells through stem cell research is the next big step to take
Next steps: reconnect nerve cells, counteract brain death
Goal: revive cerebellum (controls involuntary actions: walking, breathing, etc.)
Theory: Governments are striving to discover and learn all they can about stem cells so as to learn how to revive deceased humans to a state of minimal brain function, resulting in 'undead' humans that would survive a gunshot to any other area of the body excepting the brain. These humans could easily be used in governmental expeditions and for their own purposes (eg: war?)
Weaponized Rabies
Rabies (through dog bite)
All but eradicated in every other country
Government keeps a stock pile of all known diseases and their vaccines
Question being asked: Why do we need to keep this strain of disease which is proven to be 100% fatal?
Causes inflammation to the brain, victim goes mentally insane
Cerebellum remains unscathed (if cerebellum becomes inflamed the individual will die)
Therefore they will go insane but remain alive until they cause enough suffering for themselves that they die
Theory: The government(s) keeping these stockpiles intend to weaponize this strain of rabies and use it to control humankind for their own purposes
Government seeking control
Physical aspect: attack on the brain (leave the cerebellum unscathed)
"Undead" humans
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