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Cells Anatomy and Physiology Project

Josh needs help!

Neema Manappuram

on 24 November 2010

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Transcript of Cells Anatomy and Physiology Project

Do You know What's Going on In your body? Well I've got the
answer for you! So... While you were running,
you found yourself in pain
within the first half-mile. Are you sure you want to know? Your track coach told you to breathe... Well DUH! You don't want to die! Why exactly did he tell
you to breathe? To make your muscles work properly, your body needs energy called ATP. Organic compounds, specifically
carbohydrates and fats, are important
for the production of ATP. Among one of the most carbohydrates is glucose. Hello Josh! Do you want to know? Do you really want to know? Glucose is used in a metabolic reaction called
cellular resirpation to make energy. Also known as ATP! There are two pathways the glucose molecules can take... Anaerobic Aerobic In aerobic respiration, oxygen is present. Glycolysis
Kreb's Cycle
Electron Transport Chain
Glucose goes through... The waste products of aerobic respiration include carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Overall, aerobic resiration yields between 36 to 38 ATP! On a normal basis, your body uses aerobic respiration. This is how your body finds enough energy to maintain daily life functions. Cellular respiration is the process in which our cells turn the food we eat into energy... ...like the energy you need to run! HOWEVER... Sometimes your body turns to anaerobic respiration. This pathway of cellular respiration does NOT rely on oxygen. Instead of making ample ATP as aerobic respiration, anaerobic resiration yields only 2 ATP! This isn't even enough to keep your body functioning! After the process of glycolysis, the glucose turns to lactic acid fermentation because there is no oxygen. The glucose is then converted into two lactic acid molecules. Lactic acid fermentation is actually what
causes the pain you feel while running. The reason why you felt the sudden pain while running is because of the lactic acid fermentation. As you were running, your body received less and less oxygen, which forced it to turn to anaerobic respiration. To succeed at being a
runner, you must... Breathe
Eat AND Drink YOU HAVE TO BREATHE You were doing fine for the first half-mile... But then you started feeling tired, which
is when you started feeling the pain. You stopped taking in enough oxygen; you have to take deep breaths! Because you are using energy, you
NEED oxygen for aerobic respiration! Remember that with oxygen, you can make 38 ATP! If you do not practice taking deep breaths while running, your body will be forced to turn to anaerobic respiration and you will experience the sharp shooting pains all over again because of the lactic acid build up! STRETCH! Muscles should be warmed up before being used heavily. Stretching increases the range of motion for the muscle and decreases the chance of muscle cramps and/or sprains. EAT AND DRINK! You should eat high carbohydrate meals to keep your muscles fueled. (GLUCOSE IS A CARBOHYDRATE!) Keep ample time for digestion before running though! When running, you should frequently replenish yourself. Drink water (but not too much) before, during, and after your workout. Gatorade is a common sports drink among athletes to replenish the loss of electrolytes. IN CONCLUSION... Your sharp shooting pain was caused by the lack of oxygen to your body. To fix this, you have to increase your lung capacity and learn how to take long, deep breaths while running. I hope everything works out for you, Josh! Best of luck :) PUPPY!!!!! BY NEEMA MANAPPURAM ;]
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