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HP Software Vietnam

at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Robert Machacek

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of HP Software Vietnam

HP Software Vietnam Quang Trung Software City
Ho Chi Minh City
since February 2011 3rd largest software company
in the world ! in total software/services revenue (IBM, Microsoft, HP) Software Magazine, 29th Annual Software 500 Ranking. September 27, 2011 What or who is HP Software? 12,000+ employees (of 330,000+) passion customers technology products want to pass the knowledge go the extra mile SW Products in Vietnam HP Software
Vietnam DBMS English HP Software is great place for people who want to international technology company learn more and build technical career Spring 6 teams 9 Software Products Cloud Automation and Management
Application Automation and Management Charity Software is
fun Modern environment Work together with teams in
Prague (Czech Republic)
Yehud (Israel)
Sunnyvale (California, USA)
... Robert Macháček HP Software Vietnam GM Team-buildings 50+ HP Agile Manager HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) is embedded in HP Agile Manager (AGM) to aggregate information from multiple development tools and establish complete AGM traceability.
By linking requirements, testing activities, defects to code changes and build management systems, ALI can surface actionable information and help application stakeholders make informed decisions. HP SOA Systinet is primarily a design-time governance platform for application and service infrastructure. It enables you to publish, maintain, develop, and govern your application and service infrastructure in a central catalog.
HP SOA Systinet provides extensive functionality enabling you to take an application or service from a design document through its entire development lifecycle into production and then manage the relationships between providers and consumers. Throughout the lifecycle you can ensure that your content maintains its consistency and conforms to your company policy. HP Service Test HP Load Runner is the industry standard for application performance testing. The load testing tool helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live. HP Service Testing provides a visual method for API-level testing. Construct tests by dragging ready-to-use activities to a test flow on a canvas—
a codeless approach for quick results. Advanced users can customize test behavior with event handlers and custom code modules. (R&D, CPE, CST, QA) HP Unified Functional
Testing A single solution for testing GUIs, APIs and multi layer applications HP Service Virtualization Deliver composite applications with less waiting, reduced risk and lower costs.
HP Service Virtualization is the power tool for development and testing teams to remove delay-causing roadblocks. This visually intuitive software provides development and testing teams building composite applications with a flexible solution to remove constraints by virtualizing services within existing environments both onsite and in the cloud. HP SOA Systinet And future to show on
HP Discover in Las Vegas ... software designers
QA engineers Design patterns ExtJS HTML5/CSS XML/XML Schema/XSLT JSP/Servlet Java RMI J2EE JSF Web services CORBA JBoss Weblogic Websphere Application servers MS SQL Oracle Data structures Object oriented programming Technologies Computer science more than 250 cities worldwide with 15 Hubs Do you know? Unique and complete software porfolio Cloud, Mobility, Security and Big Data Enterprise software Some of Company culture
People/multinational team
Education – internal/external
English on-site training
HP University In new style of IT: www.hp.com/software Quiz: Where is HP Software
home in Vietnam? Quiz: What are key areas HP Software
has unique product portfolio? Scrum Agile
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