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Nicholas Sparks

No description

Lu Lu

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Nicholas Sparks

Alex Wheatley
owner of the town grocery store
was an investigator in the army
single father of 2 children his wife died
he takes care of his kids and is a good father
fells in love with Katie and loves her with all her secrets
commiserative when Katie tells him about her past
Alex's family
Katie Feldman, real name: Erin Tierney
she escapes from her husband and changes her look and her name
wants to start a new life is afraid of Kevin
meets Alex and after a while she fells in love with him
meets Jo she becomes Katie's truest best friend
her appearance develops during the novel
Carly/ Jo
Josh & Kristen
Katie's / Erin's family
Country: United States
State: North Carolina
County: Brunswick County

alcoholic husband of Katie
police detective (Boston Police Departement)
he abuses Katie
he calls her Erin and loves her very much can't imagine a life without her
he is obsessed with her makes rules for her life
follows her to Southport and wants to kill Erin and her new partner
he finally dies
grocery - Lebensmittel ; investigator - Ermittler
cottage - Häuschen appearance - Erscheinung
to abuse s.o. - jmd. missbrauchen to be obsessed with s.o. - von jmd. besessen sein
Jo is the neighbour of Katie
spirit of Carly
Jo always talks with Katie when she is at a loss
Jo tries to bring Alex and Katie together
Carly is Alex's wife who died because of cancer
Carly wants Alex to find another woman she writes a letter to the unknown woman
Population: 2,833 people
stunning setting
healthfully breezes
the setting
narrator and style

the author
narrator and style

domestic abuse
" Domestic abuse is any form of physical, emotional, controlling, sexual assault forced on another, male or female, by their partner against their will."
Nicholas Sparks:
* December 31, 1965 (Omaha)
one of most beloved storytellers
Katie is a domestic abuse victim
Katie escapes from her husband
New York Times bestseller
Statistics and facts
lives in North Carolina -> wife and five children
early life
parents: professor of business
one of three children -> sister died young
lived below the breadline
school: good student and athlete
-> started writing
1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime
women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men
every 9 seconds a woman in the USA is a victim of domestic abuse
intimate - vertraut
breadline: Armutsgrenze
writing career
1985: first novel "The Passing"
-> never published
1989: "The Royal Murders"
marriage with Cathy Cote
after college: other careers
1996: "The Notebook"
several international bestsellers
novels set in North Carolina
names of his family members
18 published works
children of Alex and Carly
Josh is dauntless and likes to go fishing
Kristen is cute and likes to paint or playing with her dolls
they accept Katie as the new woman on their father's side
they love the adventures with their father
The Notebook (1996)
Message in a bottle (1998)
A Walk to Remember (1999)
The Rescue (2000)
A Bend on the Road (2001)
Nights in Rodanthe (2002)
The Guardian (2003)
The Wedding (2003)
Three Weeks with my Brother (2004)
True Believer (2005)
At first Sight (2005)
Dear John (2006)
The Choice (2007)
The Lucky One (2008)
The Last Song (2009)
Safe Haven (2010)
The Best of Me (2011)
The Longest Ride (2013)
dauntless - furchtlos cute - aufgeweckt
to be at a loss - nicht mehr weiter wissen
assault - Angriff
Nicholas Sparks
Safe Haven
haven - Zufluchtsort
What is the novel about?
What is a safe haven for you?
What do you think:
- umwerfend, atemberaubend
friendship, relationships and love
commiserative - mitfühlend
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